Wednesday, April 30, 2003

BeppoSax Update : The Italian satellite has crashed into the Pacific Ocean without harming anybody.
Singers All : Surabhee is a group of people involved in promoting Indian music in the Bay area of California, USA. One of the persons involved in this activity is Preethy who happens to my close friend (more like family). These guys are promoting 'Manoranjan' - a cultural fest in the first week of May 2003.


Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Foto Fantastic : A photo of night time earth from Minko. I took the foto from them, but this site does not have the foto anymore, so I have put the same foto in my site. Hope the site owner does not mind !!!. One more for the astronomy freaks.

USA Doube Standards : One more story that USA is engaging in double standars. They have signed a treaty with a terrorist group which was previously branded as a terror group by the USA itself. Who signs a treaty with a terror group ? - Another terror group !!
Very Busy : I am somewhat busy with my studies and my part time work at Melbourne - as a result I am unable to post (blog) as regularly I would like to do. Did I mention that I follow sports as well ? One of these days I will post a recent photograph of myself here and you can see for yourself that I only follow sports not participate it it !! Tennis is one of my favs and the other being Cricket (I am from India !!). This piece of news from Wimbledon is good and welcome. They have done away with the bowing (curtseying) to members of the Royal family in the Royal Box on the Centre Court. You can also read about trivia associated with curtseying in this article.

Bepposax : Here is one for the Astronomy lovers - An Italian satellite is set to crash on Earth anytime. List of countries affected by debris is around 30.

Mir : Details of the Mir Space Station crashing into Earth - The End of an Era.

Irony : A man comitted a burglary and as usual the police were searching for him. Later, he saved four children from a fire blaze that put him on TV when he was promptly recognized by the police and arrested.

Visiting USA : When non US citizens enter and leave the USA, they were screened at the port of entry by the Immigration Dept. They put in a system called as SEVIS which ran into snags and now it is the VISIT that comes into effect. Students planning to goto US for studying should be aware of this.


Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Check out the timing in the different timezones worldwide here.

Melbourne : 10 hrs ahead of GMT
India : 5 1 /2 hrs ahead of GMT

SARS Virus to infect computers also - crazy, but somebody has released a Email worm named as W32/Coronex-A which infects the popular mail client Outlook from Microsoft.

Wonder why many people are interested in writing viruses and worms for Microsoft products. There are many websites for promoting such activities. Here is one of them.

The Truckers Strike in India has been finally called off.


Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Latest about the New Jersey state ruling. Call Center shifted from Mumbai to New Jersey.

Want to see how many blogs are updated every sec ? Check out the weblogs. Best viewed with Internet Explorer.

Wnat to see how many blogs are updated every sec ? Check out the
I forgot to include this article here. From Shobha Warrier's words, I guess Ashok Pillai was a person not to be missed. You can find the article here. A person who has lived to enlighten the lives of others inspite of his suffering inside.

Seems like the Truckers Strike in India is not showing any signs of easing off and guess what - they are fighting among themselves.

George Fernandes (Minister for Defence) is caught defenceless as he is to be screened for SARS.


Monday, April 21, 2003

As promised, here is the first of I don't know how many about Melbourne. The first is about the History of the Tramway in Melbourne. Presented by David Hoadley, this site is worth making a visit.


Sunday, April 20, 2003

I am a passionate reader of books, though only fiction stories. But I like PG Wodehouse and Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister by Jonathan Lynn and Anthony Jay. It is one of the best satires of the British political system. It is available in the paperback as well as DVD formats from Fabmall. The way that Sir Humphrey Appleby leads the minister Rt. Hon. James Hacker is too good. Actually, the book explains that the whole British Govt is run by the political mandarins rather by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Everybody is aware of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and here is a FAQ from CDC (Center for Disease Control). Latest on SARS from China here.

Got a great online music site. Most of you guys would be aware of this site MusicIndiaOnline. I found some of my most favorite songs in Tamil and Malayalam out here. For example, 'Theertha Karayayinile' by S.P.B. in the movie 'Varumaiyin Niram Sivappu'. And, 'Nagumo' by M G Sreekumar in the movie 'Chithram'. Some of my everlasting favorite songs. To tell you guys more about Melbourne (the city I presently live in), well - as far as I have seen it is one of the most well planned cities. Every street and road is perpendicular and the transport system is very good. But the latest reports suggest that the transport system is going under. You can get one travel card called the Metcard and you can travel on a train, tram and a bus as well within the validity of the card. For more on this goto Victrip. The transport system is the same as in Calcutta, the train travels over the ground and as well as underground also.

The roads of the CBD (Central Business District) are the most entertaining and it is where most of the biggest stores are located. Here, you will find some of the best painters, musicians playing or displaying their skills to the pedestrians. One of them is called as the Pavement Painter. He makes all these pictures so beautifully that even the most hardened people of all would be moved by his hard work and diligence. One other guy plays the Santoor so well. It makes me wonder that why these guys are into playing on the streets, whereas people with such skills can easily make a lot of money. It makes me feel sad that they keep playing whether people listen or dont. I only can stand and listen to the sheer brilliance of these guys' talents. I cannot provide these guys with any money as being a student - I am also in the same category - devoid of such talents. You find many people playing the violin, guitar, giving a dog show etc. It takes me wonder how these guys are so brilliant and stuff like that. Someday I hope to get a picture of these guys and post it along.


Wednesday, April 16, 2003

I just saw an article about Raj Kapoor at rediff. The great thespian. As the article says - his on-screen and off-screen chemistry with Nargis made the expectation about each of their films so high that almost all of their films were box office hits. It seemed that he had a tailor made playback singer in Mukesh, especially the 'Jeena Yahan Marna Yahan' song in Mera Naam Joker (this is one of my favorites). He also proved he was a director who adjusted according to the changing times. His expertise in dealing with youth in Bobby was one such example. Sadly enough, apart from Rishi Kapoor, none of his sons have inherited his great talent of just being good at everything he does - producing, acting and directing. He made himself a worthy son of Prithiviraj Kapoor.

You guys in India should be anyway experiencing the all India strike by the truckers union. They have done this time around also, haven't they ? Next, we can expect the Telecom sector to go on strike and again the vegetables prices are bound to go up, does not matter if the cause is different. I read yesterday that the petrol prices have come down by nearly a rupee and something and today we see that getting that prioce reduced petrol is a luxury. Welcome to a few days of illicit harbouring of fuel. Here in Australia, the price of petrol per liter was 89 cents. I guess the Aussie Dollar is worth around Rs. 27.


Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Here is a good site for ad lovers and persons who watch ads closely. We dont understand them most of the time - do we ? For example, the Orange ads in Channel Nine in Melbourne. But check this one out. It is superb. Actually, credit to KirubaShankar. Here is the ad. You require lots of patience but in the end you will be left amazed - I was.

Had my first haircut in Melbourne. I have heard about haircuts from my cousins in the US but this was totally different. The barber works along with his wife and is located below the Flinders St Station in Melbourne CBD. He is a decent Italian chap. No wonder everybody in the student community knows about him. He charges $12 for the haircut. I was actually told about this person by one of my roomies. One of the most craziest things about this person is that he has got currency notes of nearly 60 countries in thwe world. Everything from Uruguay, Paraguay, India, Bangladesh to name a few. To top it all, having realiazed that I am Indian, he said in Hindi 'Phir Milaengae'. I told him that I understood what he was saying but I was actually from the Southern part of India. He then remarked 'Nandri' in Tamil meaning Thank you. I was totally astonished. He surely has a total understanding of the customers to his shop. Truely a good experience.
Hi There, Just started my own blog. Guess this turns out well.