Saturday, August 30, 2003

One more tooth

I lost one more tooth in the process of eating ysy night. This is the second tooth that I have lost in two years. At this rate, all my teeth should be falling out in another 10 years, maybe. I will become a 'pokkavai'.

Song: Cross of changes by Enigma
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Monday, August 25, 2003

Hearts Bleed

Our hearts go out to the families of the victims of the latest Mumbai blasts. I saw the news on the telly (Channel 9) last night. Now that the worst is done, will the govt., take active measures to rein in the terrorists now atleast. Where is that omnipresent statement condoning terrorism from George Bush now ? I havent seen it so far on any network.

Errata in last post

Thankx to VJ, the link to her picture of the the Project Life Cycle is here. Thankx a bunch - VJ.

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Sunday, August 24, 2003

A Wonderful analysis of the Project Life Cycle has been put up by VJ - just head off to her space to see the picture. It is too good.

Had a wonderful weekend.. We have purchased a new TV for $290. 27 inch TEAC. The only problem is that no remote supplied with the TV. Seems like the previous owner's pet dog bit the device. Still the brains of our home - Chandru is hoping to make it work. Saw Dum Dum Dum for yet another time. I really like the Tamil dialect that they speak in the movie.

Song: Suhana Safar from Madhumathi by Mukesh
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Friday, August 22, 2003

It happens only in India

Prez APJ Abdul Kalam's name is missing from the voter list. (Source: Banner news from Dinamalar).

Just realized that how poor I have become in C programming. Man, I cannot even write a simple pointer code. Bad days ahead, I guess.

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Thursday, August 21, 2003

New found Interest

I have suddenly developed a new found interest in the GNOME environment. I dunno why .. I had this attraction towards it for a long time, and today with help from my friend, I have been able to succesfully launch into this wonderful environment. Hope this new found interest stays for sometime.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

A Funny Experience

Working for AC&T surely has its slice of interesting and funny incidents. I was talking to a customer yesterday, who happened to be part of the Amway International, the network marketing thing. I pretended not to know about this, and ultimately the salesperson was being sold to. He was telling me that I should read the Rich Dad Poor Dad book and he was happy enough to send me a copy if I wanted to and then after that I would be taken in the Amway group in Australia. He went on extoling about Amway. Ultimately, it was around 20 mins before I could bid goodbye to him. Phew !!

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Monday, August 18, 2003

Addicted to the Computer / Web

I am just realizing how addicted I have become to the computer and the WWW. I just cannot get myself to go off to work - everyday I seem to labor for the extra effort in pushing myself for work. Hmmmm.. Something wrong. Only consolation is that I do complete a fair amount of studies while at the computer.

Check out some of the images related to work (Source: From Email)

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Sunday, August 17, 2003

I am applying for the Police Clearance Certificate from India as a part of the Permanent Residentship application process. I noticed couple of interesting things while scouting around for the forms. First of all, the Indian High Comission at Melbourne does not process the additional services on a passport anymore, everything has to be processed at the High Commission at Canberra. The website of the HC at Melb provides an outdated form that they have scanned from a paper form. Needless to say, you can only view parts of it, if at all you use a high quality laser printer. Secondly, the web address of the Canberra HC is so big, that it is tough to remember. Of course, everybody could bookmark it but when are you referring the address to friends it becomes kind of hard to do it.

My view is that the High Commission at Canberra could have created a single site and should have put up links for all the important cities in Australia, rather than having one website for each city and finding it hard to establish addresses.

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Friday, August 15, 2003

I was reading about the blackout that hit the USA badly. Some citizens of the Big Apple have said that they experienced Sept 11 fears. Prez George Bush says that he is sure that this was no terrorist attack. All this for a powercut. People in Bihar and other places in India should be laughing their guts out after watching this news. How many times has the Ramagundam Thermal station in AP gone off the National Power Grid, leaving people in Salem, Coimbatore and Madras high and dry without any power ? I can understand the sentiments of the American people, but I think they are carrying their so-called naivety too far.

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Just Read

'Stewardesses' is supposed to be longest word in the dictionary to be typed with the left hand alone.
The real meaning of the company name 'Wockhardt' - a German word is to 'Work Hard'.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Happy Independence Day

This has been my longest break from blogging. Too much of work and studies are the reasons for this. At last, I have sometime to write about the events during this week. There were no more freaky incidents like anybody chasing me around me Melbourne, but it has made me paranoid. I feel scared whenever anybody comes near me even. I have to work to get this paranoia off.

One of my father's best friend passed away last week. He died of a heart attack. There can be no bad news like death news. My parents have requested the aunty to come over and stay with them for sometime. I feel proud of them to take the responsibility of helping her to lead a normal life. I personally feel that my parents have shielded me from the rigors of life and such things. I feel as if I am looking at everything with a fresh perspective.

Dressing sense of the sight impaired

I saw a lady who was sight impaired and it made me wonder about her dressing sense. She was very impressively dressed and her nothing was amiss. She could have passed for a normal lady but for the Golden Labrador (A sign of the Guide Dogs, Victoria). Why is that we people even with all the senses make social blunders in dressing, while these people are so correct in every sense. Ok, I agree that I saw that lady for that one second and not everyday of her life. But I also saw so many others with stupid dressing sense. She could have been helped by somebody in her home, but it makes me wonder still, how good it would be if she tried to do it herself. Lessons to learn !!

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Monday, August 11, 2003

Traumatic Experience

The ADIDAS shoes were a size too small so I had to go back to the store on Monday to get them exchanged for another pair. While returning from the store, a man started following me. He was like a giant. Around 6' 2" in height and over 250 pounds in weight. There was no way that I could stand up against him. It was simply impossible. He started walking quite close to me and I was very unsure whether I should stop and ask him what was the problem, given his physical appearance. Ultimately I ran away from him and still this episode gives me the jitters.

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Sunday, August 10, 2003

After a long time, I indulged in spending money today. I bought myself a pair of ADIDAS shoes costing $71. Also had a nice veggie meal at Hungry Jack's. I was thinking about buying a pair of shoes for a long time and at last have bought them. Tomorrow is Avani Avittam, on the day when we brahmins change the sacred thread that we wear around our shoulders. This is my first Avani Avittam without my family. I have managed to be with them for almost every Avani Avittam since 1989.

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Friday, August 08, 2003

I just returned after participating in a research project conducted by the IDEA Lab of the Dept of Information Systems at Melbourne University. The project was about the skill of finding specific information in a website. I was given two websites - British Telecom and the ProjectMiso. ProjectMiso is a good site for Flash Designers - it is worth checking out seriously !!. I was asked to look for specific information in these two websites and the guy who was conducting the study - a cheerful guy named Aaron Mullane was recording my views about what I was thinking about at every instant and why I clicked upon a particular link and not the other one. It was pure fun. The whole idea was to collect information about what user of the Internet feels about a particular website and what makes him/her to choose a link to search for information. The entire was audio taped and Aaron hopes to make use of this information to present statistics about users.

I was chatting with a customer yesterday who told me that he was originally from Iraq and hopes to return to Iraq now that Saddam has been removed from power. This was the reason he gave for not taking up the Optus plan inspite of finding it good and cost worthy. I asked him whether he believed Saddam is alive or not. He said he is alive and as long he is alive - he is bound to create trouble. I guess there is no great danger than a wounded lion that was used to roaring always.

Song: Vasanthasena by Chitra and Harish Raghavendra from Shree
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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Dosa - Something I miss
What a great picture ? It strongly reminds me of the dosa that my mom used to make. Paper dosas, ghee roasts, masala dosas... The list goes on. I have had some good dosas at Saravana Bhavan in Madras, but nothing could ever beat my mom's dosas. There is an Indian restaurant here in Melb near Flinders St Station, called Flora. But the cost of a masala dosa is nearly $9. Well, I guess dosas can only be had at home.

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Mars coming closer to Earth

According to this piece of news, the planet Mars is coming close to Earth as never before, it would be visible as big as the moon. Well, we have to wait and see whether this is true or not.

Static Electricity Problems

The secure doors leading to my lab are always frightening to me. Everything I touch them, it has static electricity passing thro it all the time and every door latch I touch in this dept has this static elec going on. I always get hit by a small voltage - it is scary.

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Monday, August 04, 2003

My buddy Amit has started his own blog. He has referred my name as the person who exactly inspired him (??) to start the blog. But basically, he is a very lively person and I am happy to have found him Down Under. To say the truth, I was really surprised when he told me that he was married and had a kid too. He looks pretty cool for a married man. Cheers to Amit for starting the blog and hope it attracts more visitors.

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Saturday, August 02, 2003

Google's Googly

Google - the popular search engine has thrown a googly at India. It has launched a search engine with results in Tamil, Marathi and Hindi. Of course, it is a brilliant concept and I am proud to note the emphasis on Indian languages in the computing world - but seriously, what was the need for this ? Everybody who appreciates the searching power of Google can also search in English. But, an effort never goes waste.

An Accident

On my way to the lab from Melb Central station, the tram in which I was travelling in hit a car near the Victoria St. signal. Actually, it was the car driver's fault. The front left portion of the car was slightly damaged. In this time, the signal lights changed and the car moved to a safe place out of the way of traffic. The tram also moved a little further, but in the same line. One thing I noted, there was no bloody altercration between the tram driver and the car driver. Just a simple exchange of details - the car number and drivers regn number etc and everything was Ok. Maybe, they would settle it down at a later time and place, but the importance of public transport and the traffic rules was totally followed in this dispute. The best point was that there was no policeman in sight for the whole episode.

Song: Diye Jalte Hain by Kishore Kumar from Namak Haram
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Friday, August 01, 2003

A heavy lunch at the Crossways run by the ISKCON in Melbourne has made feel very sleepy and unable to concentrate on my work. Actually I thought of starting off some work in the parallel algorithms, but to no avail so far.

Interesting ways to beat the blogger's block by Kiruba.

Song: Bheegi bheegi raaton mein by Adnan Saami
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