Wednesday, October 29, 2003

I have been busy with reports - so that leaves me no time for updating the blog. Inspite of all this, I have been having a wonderful time reading up on Web Mining, an offshoot of Data Mining. Also, it was interesting to read up on the quality factors in Open Source projects.

The cut in my finger has healed, thankx for that, otherwise typing these reports would have been pure hell.

Song: Sangeetha Megham by SP Bala from Udhaya Geetham
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Monday, October 27, 2003

Goofed up Presentation

I goofed big time in my presentation today afternoon for the Web Technologies course. The main problem was that I lost track of time and as a result was unable to get to some important results and graphs of the work. This has been the worst presentation I have ever made. I hope I get a decent mark... *Praying*

Expectations of ABC

ABC ditched me ysy evening. I was up tuning all the stations in my radio for commentary on the cricket match. But, no way, no report also in the in-between news breaks. Today morning, there was a small mention in the news that India has won the match by 37 runs. No mention about the scores, the big scorers ... Maybe that Australia has lost.

Gotta leave.. A big day tomorrow..

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Sunday, October 26, 2003

I miss the live action of the India-Aus cricket match at Gwalior today. No telecast is available on the free channels here, Nine, Ten etc. The telecast is available only on the FoxSports channel. Sigh, Sigh.. I dont have it. Maybe it is back to the radio, as it was in olden times. Looking fwd to the radio commentary on ABC.

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Saturday, October 25, 2003

Cut my finger

Hmmm. Let me think - when was the last time I cut myself on my index finger ? Maybe in 5th or 6th std, trying to sharpen a pencil with a razor blade. I used to lose the sharpener somehow, and cut my finger sharpening. This time around nearly 17 yrs later.. Cut my finger while cutting egg plants and potatoes. (Egg plants are similar to brinjals in India. They taste the same). First of all, there was a small scratch on my left index finger while cutting the egg plants. Didnt care much about it and went on to cut the potatoes when the knife sliced thru my left index finger instead of the potato. Typing with one hand now...

How many of you knew the *#0000# code on Nokia cell phones ? My friend Thejaswi revealed this to me.. You can get the date of manufacture of your cell phone by just typing this code. Cool ain't it ?

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Thursday, October 23, 2003

Total Confusion

Can anybody tell me when is Deepavali ? Today or tomorrow. My parents are celebrating D today and some of my friends in Delhi are celebrating it tomorrow. What is the exact date ? Oct 24 or Oct 25 ? Total confusion. Anyway, Happy Deepavali to all of you, esp to Chakra for his first Head Deepavali.

My Concorde dreams

One of my dreams was to travel on the Concorde atleast once. Now with the last flight of the Concorde gone, will I get another chance ? Read thro CNN's Richard Quest' experiences on board the last flight of the concorde from Heathrow to NY here.

Song: Theertha Karaiyinile by SPB from Varumaiyin Niram Sivappu
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Monday, October 20, 2003


My Web Technologies presentation was put off by one week, because of lack of time and a strange similarity to one other team's presentation as well. Well, one more week to prepare well and think about getting some good stats for the presentation.

Melbourne is getting hotter by the day. Actually, I should not be complaining, but this heat has made me feel very uncomfortable. I was used to these temperatures back in Coimbatore, but I am unable to adjust to it here.

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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Haa Haa

Inspite of my misgivings ysy about the presentation, it went off well, and my team was awarded a H1. That is 13 / 15. That is rather cool, given that I was so worried about doing it. And, I turned up on time as well for the presentation. That is one more miracle. Mike, one of my instructors had an interesting point to make on my part of the presentation. I was the view, that making gestures during presentations and short talks will help the speaker emphasise his point very well. Rather, I found that everyone was getting distracted by too many gestures. Learning curve still, after one year as a lecturer.

Humpty Dumpty's Fall

On tuesday, I made six sales at the call center, five sales on wednesday and I was on a high. Ysy night, it was totally different story. Only one sale.. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall...

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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Gearing up

I am preparing hard for my presentation on Quality Assurance in Open Source Projects tomorrow morning. It is going to be hard for two reasons: I have to get up early to present in the class, and two, I have to dress up formally. That means, I need to have a clean shave .. Gosh.

Strikes and Protests

Coming from a country where protests and strikes (a.k.a bandhs) are as common as the common cold, I was surprised to find a strike by the university lecturers today in Australia. Almost everybody in the 38 public universities of Aus have struck work, because of varied reasons. As a result, no classes today, although the lab seems busy as like any other day.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Dr. Kalam's Birthday

Today is Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's birthday. Wishing him Many More Happy Returns of the Day.

Up and Up it goes

According to this article from the Economic Times, the SMS messaging rates are going up in India. I find this extremely difficult, because just now my parents are slowly learning to send sms messages to me. If its gonna cost Rs. 5 for each international sms message, they might as well throw away the cellphone. Just when I thought everything was fine.

I have a presentation on Friday on my Case Studies project, I am preparing for it. Let me see how it goes.

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Monday, October 13, 2003

Eleven days to go for my first Deepavali away from home. When my parents mailed me how much they would miss me on Deepavali, I really felt bad. Makes me think of what I have achieved living abroad. Beats me. To add to the confusion, my cousin and his family are visiting India now from the USA. Sigh Sigh.. Being a single child, I share a special bond with my cousins rather than my friends.

But to tell the truth, I have started this habit of visiting every blog on my list, almost everyday. I just cant wait to read what people have to say about their day's experiences. Whether I blog on that day or not, I make it a point to visit these blogs. Just like reading The Hindu back in India every morning with a cup of mom made coffee. Boy, wasn't that heaven ?

Song: Dolna Dolna by Sujatha, Hariharan from Parasuram
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My Case Studies Project

I am currently doing a project that hopes to prove that Quality Assurance in Open Source projects has improved after using a good Bug tracking system. My team was wondering about where to ask for data on these issues, as we were asked to prove our hypothesis with solid data. Paul Gruba our instructor, reminded us that Software Engineering for all the hype surrounding it is one of the industries that does not document its activities properly. Now after assessing nearly forty open source projects, I tend to agree with him after all. What he has said is totally true, or maybe the project developers are so smart that they dont wish to publish their documentation outside. Remember, I am reviewing Open Source software, mostly not dependent on proprietary software.

My Parallel Programming project has got me marks more than what I had expected. But still, I would have liked 1.5 marks more. I am stuck with 78.5 and 1.5 more would have put me in the elite category. Hmmm... Something to ponder over when writing the next project report.

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Thursday, October 09, 2003

I am turning into a bad blogger nowadays. Lots of stuff to write about, but overcome by laziness. I am a very lazy person now. I borrowed five movies from Blockbuster day before. Cleopatra, You've Got Mail, A Beautiful Mind, Swordfish and Gone with the Wind. I am yet to watch Gone.. but have seen the other movies. Gosh.. I dont know what came over me and this is the first time in my life I have gone crazy over movies.

I miss everybody at home, and usually these sort of sentimental thoughts come into my head once every month or so and they torture me. Feel like running away somewhere. Meanwhile, I have my Web Technologies presentation due next monday. I am basing my research on Efficiency of Web Crawlers. I hope I can put up a decent performance, after my excellent score in a class timed essay in Software Engineering. I scored 13 / 15.

Latex Freak

No !! Its nothing kinky. Latex is a typesetting software usually available for the Unix or Solaris platform. It is pronounced as Laa - tec. Most of you would be aware of this. For long, I had been a MS Word user, but when I tried out Latex documents, I believe there is no turning back. I have fallen in love with Latex. Anybody interested in trying out this software, check out Google. I have also put up two tutorial files for downloading. You can access them here and here.

A photo series that I loved. Check out Sivaji Ganesan's timeless photographs here. Better if you know to read Tamil.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Exciting Coincidence

Today is Gandhi Jayanthi. I had booked for Gandhi - the movie from my library. A lucky coincidence that I got the DVD today. The librarian remarked that I had got the DVD on this important day. The last time I watched this movie was around 15 years back, though it was telecast almost every Gandhi Jayanthi or Independence Day. Am I turning to be a follower of Gandhian principles ?, maybe.. Time will tell.

Afternoon lunch at KFC

Aswin and me headed off to a light lunch at a KFC outlet near our dept. There was a young mother and her kid at the next tabl to us. The kid was as like any other kid, naughty and refusing to hear his mother's instructions. For her part, the mother was very politely asking the kid not to roam around, and be still etc. I was wondering about what would have happened for a kid in India if he were to be a prankster at a restaurant. Most of the times, the kid would get a tight slap to quieten him and everything would be OK. I remarked about this to Aswin - who made an interesting point. It is true, he says, that kids in India would be brought in a disciplined manner but to your parents, you are still a kid even at 26 yrs of age and you are loved as deeply as you were a kid even now. I can say that very much, given the personal experience with my family. The culture in the western countries and Australia are that they let go of their kids when they mature of age and most of the times, the grown up does not empathise with his / her parents. They almost turn into islands. Am I right ?

An Inspiring article from Abdul Kalam to all of us. I believe many of you would have already read this.

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