Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Eight Things I miss

8. Mannvasanai in Coimbatore.

7. My university students - they had to listen to whatever 'crap' I had to say.

6. The bhelpuri and panipuri at Sashi Pani Puri stall in Saibaba Colony.

5. Coffee at Annapoorna Hotel.

4. My own room complete with a TV, computer and phone at my home.

3. The temple in Balaji Nagar near my home.

2. My friends - Prabhu Karthik, Kirti and our discussions about astrology, sports and a host of other things.

1. My parents, grandma and my pets.

Crazy Mohan's Drama for download

Download the 'Marriage made in Saloon' drama by Crazy Mohan from Mohankumars. Its very good.

Drama : Marriage Made in Saloon by Crazy Mohan
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Saturday, December 06, 2003

Day out at Gunny's house

Enjoying a day out at Glen Huntly at the home of Ganesh a.ka. Gunny. Watching the cricket, Sourav is simply good. I was hoping that he would score a century today and it has happened. Gotta watch 'The Client'.

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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

The boredom has started hitting. Working at the call center has its importance - earning valuable for the PR process. But, other than that, no work. Hmm. I recently bought a book for crosswords. It takes most of my time nowadays.

The CAT is out of the bag

Common Aptitude Test (CAT) - the test most of us spent some sleepless night on, is out of the IIMs bag. From 2005, there will be a common entrance test for all the management institutes in the country. The examination system is also proposed to be centralized by this time.

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