Saturday, January 31, 2004

Ode to Kalpana Chawla

One year has passed since the tragic demise of Dr Kalpana Chawla. NASA has put up a wonderful website as a memorial here.

Aussie Kim Clijsters ??

Aussie people seem to take a strange affliction to people who are indirectly connected to this country. Of late, ever since Kim Clijsters started dating Lleyton Hewitt, she has become an Aussie in Ozland. This has gone to a level when one news reader covering the Australian Open remarked that 'Kim Clijsters and other fellow Aussie players have progressed to the next round'.

I only hope that Kim does not do a Hana Mandlikova or a Jelena Dokic and get back to her native roots after being adopted by Aussies as our own.

WLL Phone

My dad has changed one of the numbers at my home in Coimbatore to a WLL phone. I got a call from one of our friends at around 4:30 AM AEDST today. I was totally searching in the darkness for the cellphone when it started ringing, and my first thought was that something has happened in India to one of my family members and thankfully, it was just this message. I have known my dad to be a very cautious person and not to invest in anything unless he is very sure, but of late, I find him turning to be a technological freak by buying WLL phones, changing his cellphones and listening to Jagjit Singh only on CDs. Well, it is never too late for a change, eh Dad ?

Music : Uravenum Puthiya Vaanil from Nenjathai Killathae
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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Success at last

At last, I have applied to the Adelaide Processing Center for the temporary visa. I received the application reference number from ACS on Tuesday and I immediately faxed the details to the processing center, which would have completed my file. I am currently in bridging visa status. I have to apply for the Permanent Residentship before Mar 31, 2004.

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Sunday, January 25, 2004


I was very happy to know that N@2 alias Natraj is also from Melbourne and am planning to meet him in person ASAP. I will be contacting him in couple of days after this visa dilemma and maybe organise a Melbourne Blogger Meet ? What say, N@2 ? After all, a lot of blogger meets are happening back in India.

India's Win

I was totally disappointed when India lost three wickets early on and thought that India was already on the losing side in the match against Zimbabwe ysy at Adelaide. Little did I know, that Laxman would crack his third century in a week and help India to a challenging total of 280. But, a spirited performance by Stuart Carlisle and Ervine saw Zimbabwe get to a strong position. Not many teams lose from a position like that. I still believe that Zimbabwe should have won that match, for showing such matureness in their play. Of course, I was happy when Dion Ebrahim could not score a six from the last ball of Bangar.

Seven others like me

People used to say, that there would be seven other human beings with more or less our own same appearance. Well, I have managed to find one like me, I should say. But, that is what I think, you might differ.

Here is the photograph of the person that I think looks like me :

and this is me !!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Applied for the Visa

After a sleepless night of contemplating how to get around the problem, I have finally applied for the temporary visa today afternoon. I hope everything goes on fine and they will let me stay on here. I mean, there is nothing wrong here, only that my results have come out late and hence I could not apply to the ACS in time so as to get a receipt. But, I have provided other sources of evidence like the postal receipt and copies of email correspondece between me and the office of the ACS. That should be OK, I guess and ** PRAY **.

A Coincidence

Australia Day - the national day of Australia is also on Jan 26, the same day as our Republic Day. It is a public holiday here as well with fireworks show being planned as well.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

IIT Saarang Blogging Contest

Sulekha, one of the famous Indian portals is organising a blogging contest along with IIT Madras for the annual IIT Saarang competetion. This contest is open to all students and to all IIT alumnae worldwide. Feel free to participate. Details can be found at

From one crisis to another

I have got my official transcripts thankx to the timely help of my departmental manager and my faculty office. I am now waiting for the acknowledgement from the Australian Computer Society for the receipt of my application. I had called up their office and they inform me that it would take around seven working days for the application to be acknowledged. My visa expires in exactly 10 days, and this is the present status. I have to get the ACS thing for applying for the Temporary Residence visa. I have started looking at flight schedules - to be on the safer side. ** I have to call up my parents to inform me of my sudden visit **.

I know nowadays I crib a lot on the blog, but nothing else is happening here. There are times when I feel like kicking everybody including myself.


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Sunday, January 18, 2004

Birthday Party

I was invited by Rochi - one of my juniors to his 21st birthday party at Bhoj - an Indian multi cuisine restaurant. Rochi is Indian descent but was born here. He was one of the toppers in the pre university exams in Australia that landed him a place in Melbourne University. Met some of his interesting cousins, Kiran McInnes and Rohan Dobbins.

The restaurant was superb, facing the bay of Melbourne. They kept on piling us with food until me and Ashwin could not even walk back. I was frankly disappointed at my own lack of skill with eating with a fork and a knife, managed it somehow. Allround there was this talk of cricket and the progress of the match between India and Australia, and I believe everyone was very happy that India won by relatively the same margin that Australia beat us on Jan 9.

The dinner menu consisted of Mango Lassi with Samosa and followed by Onion Pakoda. It was a long time since I had a pakoda without any oil dripping from it. For the main course, it was rice, naan with Dhaal Makhani and something with cauliflower. Of course, there was the inevitable choice of Aussie beers and wines. The cake was very good as well, but let me say that I am not a food freak. To me a cake is a cake, whether it is dripping with chocolate sauce or just the Rs. 5 cake from the bakery. But, I liked this one which was a chocolate cake with strawberries in it. Well, here is to Rochi once again !!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Photos at the MCG

As promised, I have uploaded the photos that I shot at the Ind-Aus cricket match on Jan 9 at the MCG. Here are two of them - MCG1 and MCG2. Anita mentioned that these photos are taking a while to display on a dial-up conxn, so these snaps are smaller ones. For those interested in checking out the whole list, you can find it here. These are the full pics.

Song: Tomorrow Never Dies by Sheryl Crow from Tomorrow Never Dies OST
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Reka Maximovitch !! Who ?

I was just looking at my blog's viewer stats, when I found that many users were directed to my site when they searched the Web for her photo. For the dudes unaware of who she is, read this. Anyone who comes along with her photo pls send it across to me, so that I can host it and please the guys who search for her photo.

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Friendz - I am back

Yay... Hurray !! I have passed my exams and have become a Master of Software Systems Engineering graduate from the University of Melbourne. Just got my results now and called up my dad to inform him of the news. Yet to talk to my mom. Have to talk to her at night.

Actually, the problem that made go offline for so many days was this. I was informed of the results by my lecturer three weeks back and was advised that I did not clear one hurdle in one subject, inspite of an excellent performance in the two projects in that subject. I then had to request for a re-assessment after two or three tough meetings with my course co-ordinator. Ultimately I took the re-assesment ysy and was informed of the result this afternoon. Least to say, I am very happy. To me, now and ever after, Aaron Harwood (my lecturer) is GOD.

I am sorry for writing anything at all these days and disappointing my viewers. Thankx for putting up with me.

My New Camera

Well, coming to better things, I bought a new digicam Kodak CX 6200 for A$169. Also bought a 64 MB memory card as an accessory. So far, I have been pretty impressed with the pix I have shot. You will find couple of them here and here. And, dont forget to check this one out.

Ind - Aus cricket at MCG

I had been to the cricket match with my friend Amit, that which India lost unfortunately. Well, it was a good atmosphere with all the shouting and the bantering going on between us (Indians) and the Aussies. It would have been very good if Indies have won it, but its all in the game.

My friends made heavy fun (nakkal) of me, when I started preparing Thayir Saatham (Thachhi Mammu) for the match. I was very wary of buying snacks from the counters at the MCG. And there I was, eating sandwiches and Thayir Saatham with Gongura pickle at the MCG. I never thought I would be eating such stuff at the MCG. I will be uploading the snaps that I shot at the MCG in a couple of days.

Presently watching Kaakha Kaakha side by side.
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