Thursday, February 26, 2004

Phone not working

Despite all the hype of using the brand new 3 phone, it has conked out - I cannot hear the people talking. It seems that they can hear me speaking to them. And it was, Hello Helloooooooo - @#$%, Helloooooooooo etc... all through yesterday and today afternoon.

I took it the retailer where I bought the phone from now, and they had these girls, asking me all sorts of stupid questions like did you charge it ?, did you turn up the handset volume ? and after they had run out of questions they asked me for the whole pack that came along with the phone. I have to take it back to them and they would replace it for me, ASAP, hopefully.


The phone is working now, in fact, it is a new phone that I got from the Three retailer last weekend. Thank God for that. My dad told me that he is pretty impressed by the phone, maybe a sign that he wants it. Hmm..
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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

A very lazy person

It should have been very obvious to almost everybody who interact with me that I am a very lazy person. The problem is getting worser nowadays. The change of house is imminent, maybe during the weekend, and I havent packed up anything. I feel like kicking myself. Why is that sometimes I advise people, especially, my younger cousins on the virtues of being active and able bodied, and failing miserably in them myself ?

I havent cooked for the last one week, eating out with pizzas and junkie food. What is happening ? Arghhh..


I saw the movie last week and I am simply wondering whether what next for Kamalhassan ? The politicians and others usually lament about the passing away of a major cine personality with words like 'an actor like never before, he surpassed everyone else', etc etc... But I am sure that the film industry with lose a major part of it, when Kamal officially retires, which would be when breathes his last.. Sorry, this is not a obituary post, but rather, a post that simply watches awestruck at the man's imagination and professionalism levels.

Still, I felt some of the scenes were too obvious that they have been shot in sets, rather than outdoors, maybe this is because of the Krishnaswamy effect ??

My new 3 Phone

I have migrated from an Optus Pre-paid connection to a Three connection whilst retaining the same mobile number. I would be paying $19 per month for 24 months for the NEC e616 3G phone. Here is the pic of the phone. How is it guys ?

I tried to do something with the snap of the phone.. tried to change the color to the background color, the result is this.

Music : Kaathal Kaathal by Vijai Yesudas from Kaadhal Konden
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Monday, February 23, 2004

Posting from a browsing center

It has been a long time since I posted to this blog, and more so I am doing it for the first time from a browsing center in Chapel St. These guys are charging $3.5 for half an hour. I would have type very fast to achieve the max possible results of checking my mails, posting and chatting.

Coming to think of it, I have just logged in to Yahoo Messenger after a gap of nearly six months. Sigh.. Life is never going to be the same as it used to be at Coimbatore.

The Blackburn Gurdwara

Last Sunday I had been to the gurdwara in Blackburn along with Amit and his wife. It was sort of a new experience for me to see so many Indians at one place, should have been nearly 1000 +. After the main prayer we had Langar - a meal consisting for chappathis, raitha, dhaal and sabhji. Man, it was good. Maybe should go there one more time.

At last, my application for the ACS assessment is under processing and I hope everything to be over quite soon. Let me hope for the best.

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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Double holidays for Victorians

This year end, Victorians would be celebrating double holidays for the Christmas and New Year annual holidays. The Christmas holidays start on the Friday December 24 and so the holidays have been extended into the next week as well. So there are official holidays on Monday Dec 27 and Tuesday Dec 28 for Boxing Day and Christmas Day respectively. Also, New Year is being celebrated again on Monday Jan 3.

I only think of my parents who were working on Jan 1 this year as there as no holidays for New Year in Tamilnadu this year.

Preity Zinta writes for BBC Online. (from Tubs)

Online Music : Vaanile Thenila from Kaakhi Chattai by Janaki, SPB
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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Bridging Visa

Got the bridging visa, a visa to help me stay legally in Australia until a decision on my Graduate Skilled Temporary Visa has be reached. This visa does not need any endorsement on the passport - the letter from the Immigration Dept should be enough. I am yet to get my assessment results from the ACS and the Australian Federal Police check. If these two are available, then I can make an application for the Permanent Residentship immediately.

I have decided to take the plunge and invest in a new hard disk for the computer that I have borrowed from my close friend. I was postponing it due to some other reasons of saving money for the impending change of house and other related stuff, but now I have realised that there is no point in waiting.

Valentine Day Blues

It is that time of the year when everybody seems to be in love with somebody or the other. I remember my days during my undergraduation when we used to dress up in Red and hope for somebody to come along with a letter or something. I did not have the courage to approach any girl to say anything, let alone say 'I Love You'. I feel like laughing out loud when I think back on those days. Carefree days, with nothing to care about. It was considered a big sin if you did not wish your best friend on V Day.

MX - the free tabloid of Melbourne came up with some tips to identify a possible partner on V Day. Some of them were really good.

Is it necessary to identify a particular date to proclaim your love or does it mean anybody proposing on V Day should be lucky enough ?

Song : Kuch Tho Hua Hai from Kal Ho Na Ho by A Yagnik, Shaan
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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Day out with Nattu

It was a good time out - although it was one week back. The lack of computer facility at home has hindered my blogging and I have to be at the university to blog. Unless I could do something to get the computer at home alright. I had taken some photos and I would be posting couple of them very soon.

Ind-Aus Cricket match at SCG

It was a real pain to see India lose at the second final ysy night. It was so distressing that I shut down the TV and watched Mounam Pesiyathey instead, rather than see Indians mauled by the Aussies. It is gonna be a tough day at work, because all our teammates are gonna be very sullen and to get ready for some friendly banters.

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