Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Feeling hot, feeling cold

I am running a high temperature and had to take off from work in the midway today. Could not meet my Team Leader and inform him about this. Right now, settled down at home with a hot mug of milk and hoping everything would be fine. Well, a long break from work would do me a lot of good as well..

What are the symptoms when there is fever as well as body pains ? Pneumonia, Cholera, Dengue fever.. This list is endless and it is gonna be a colourful choice..

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Sunday, March 28, 2004


I have a confession to make. Once a well known preacher against eating chocolates and ice-creams, I have started to eat these items. One other reason was that I did not eat these items because my mom likes them very much, I gave up eating them. But now, after these many months, I broke that habit of not eating them and indulged in a big Cherry Ripe (King Size) and a bowlful of Peters Chocchip ice cream. Sorry mom. You dont eat so many things that I like because I aint there, but this onetime pls forgive me.

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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Turn back Time

No !! This is not the song from Aqua, rather that is what we did now.. Australian states of Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory have turned back out watches by one hour from the Daylight Savings Time to the normal time. From now on, India is just 4 1/2 hours behind. And one more hour to sleep for.. This is good.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Possible terrorist attack on Ozland ?

Australia has been piggybacking on the US policies when it comes to terrorist attack policies. The PM of Australia does not know what to concern himself with - the growing support of the Aussies for Mark Latham or the words slanging match between him and Keelty, or trying to convince people that he can still help them to realise the Great Australian Dream.

Last week, Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty in an interview with Mike D'Arcy conceded that Australia was indeed a target for attacks after the bombings in Madrid. The initial response of the Howard Govt was to discount the statements of Keelty and Howard started questioning whether Keelty was in fact qualified to answer such questions putting the man in greater misery. Then couple of days later, the whole govt did a volteface and said that Keelty was indeed worthy enough of answering such questions and he has been a exemplarary police officer and will be considered as one of Australia's finest officers and blah blah ..

Majority of the Aussies believe that this country should not have involved itself in the Iraq tangle and blame Howard for this debacle. I personally believe that talking a lot about this in the media would generate interest in the terrorists and Australia might be a real target then..

  • The Volteface by the Ministers about Keelty

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    Saturday, March 20, 2004

    Permanent Residency Application Woes

    The throes of applying for the Permanent Residentship is finally over. I applied today morning after a slight altercation with the Pharmacy people while getting the documents certified. The pharmacy was practically empty at 10 AM but this counter girl had a kind of smirk on her face when I told her that I have to get documents certified. She gave me a look that said 'Not another one' as if they had done hundreds in the morning. I understand this is purely a service without any fees and they do it out of concern, but that does not mean that they have to consider this in a bad way. Then a lady who I suppose was the manager, she turned out to be sort of a damager, said that I have to wait for 15 mins before she could certify the documents. I stood there waiting, while only 2 customers came in and went out. After nearly 20 mins, she called me and said, I have done it, but while checking the documents I found that she had not given back my 10std marks card. We all know it is sort of a secondary birth certificate, and when I pointed this out to her, she said that she has no idea of it. After requesting, cajoling and begging her, she agreed to have a second look at her desk and there it was. Then too, there was no sign of remorse or any apology for this. I could not wait to get out the place, sick place.

    Double Standards of the Australian Media

    There have been big stories about two players of the St.Kilda AFL club called 'Saints' being involved in alleged rape case of a girl couple of days back. Just last month, the National Rugby League players have been hit by a shocking allegation that seven or eight of them had raped a woman at a beach side hotel. While this is all going on, with front page cover stories and exclusive interviews with the concerned women, there is a exclusive feature in the Herald Sun today with an ex-umpire named Col Egar who believes that Muralidharan has been cheating in his deliveries and he should be chucked out of the cricketing world. He also goes on to comment that "cricket will face a sad day when Murali reaches 700 wickets". What a stupid thing to say !!. And, the angry old man of Indian cricket, Bishen Singh Bedi has gone on record to say that Murali is a thief.

    I personally believe that cricket has faced its share of sad days and most of them from the Aussies, when Greg Chappell ordered one of his bowlers to bowl underam to the batsman, and there was none to question him, or the tirades of Glenn McGrath against the West Indian batsmen couple of years back. Why, Steve Waugh himself has said that days of sledging from from Aussies are over. We all admire the Aussie players for their tenacity and their never say die attitude, but this manner of justifying their aggressiveness over the opponents in the name of sportsmanship is just too much.

    The Herald Sun is just another tabloid which sells for $1 and is more worried about why the Hilton sisters did not spend much money on their lingerie or why the night life in Melbourne is so active..

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    Thursday, March 18, 2004

    Communal Laundry Experience

    We do not have a washing machine at our home, we are still debating whether it would be cost effective to buy our own machine or to use the communal laundry 15 mins away. Anyway, it has been sometime since I washed my clothes and I went along with Cyril, to use the facility for the first time. I met a grandma who should have been around 80 + years old and she was managing things quite well, I should say. She asks every person coming in whether they want any change to put in the machine, and treats everybody with a smile as well. The cost of one wash is $2.40 and it has to be two $1 coins and two 20c coins. The machines do not accept any thing else. We can also dry our clothes for $1 for ten minutes. it took me and Cyril almost an hour to wash and dry our clothes.

    Random Thoughts

    I simply wonder how people like the laundry grandma can manage their lives on their own at this age as weell. I also remember a lady running her own photcopying and typesetting business at Saibaba Colony to possess these same exceptional qualities. Well, she did not have the grateful smile as this lady here, but the way she managed people and machines was too good. As far as I know, she was running that business since the last 7 or 8 years. Now, that is praiseworthy.

    Coming to think of it, my own maternal grandmother, Mrs Parvathi Seshadri is quite a character too in these ways. She may not run a business at her 75 + years of age, but when it comes to the daily affairs, she is quite a role model for all of us cousins. She knew about Thriller by MJ before me or my cousins knew it, she even purchased the cassette for us. She still maintains her record collection of phonographic records of Meera bhajans, MLV, MS etc. She has travelled all over India right upto Kashmir and the breadth of the country as well during the time my grandpa was alive. And to top it all, she manages to finish 'The Hindu' crossword every day. She is just a Matriculation pass.

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    Tuesday, March 16, 2004


    One of my friends - Venkat in my hometown has started this match making portal. Check out Manamedai.com. It is good. Who knows, some eligible grooms may find their life partners there.

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    Monday, March 15, 2004

    Day out at Torquay Bay

    I was out with Arun, my buddy since 4th std to see some houses for him at Torquay Bay. It is around 85 kms from Melbourne. I was surprised when we found houses for $350 per week in front of the bay. One of the houses had a panoromic view of the bay from the first floor. I pray he gets it, because that would mean I get to enjoy sometime at a beachfront house as well. Split airconditioning, with three bedrooms, with a fireplace, that house was pure heaven.

    I am unable to post a long one as Nattu as done, one day, I shud use my creative talents to write a story for that.

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    Sunday, March 14, 2004

    The Art of Inviting

    I was talking to my mom ysy morning as a part of my weekend ritual. She was telling me about the words to be used when people are to be invited for a marriage. It seems that we have to invite people for the reception - Maapillai Azhaippu as it is known to us, the Muhurtham and the lunch afterward and bless the couple. After the Muhurtham is over, I remember being asked at my cousin's marriage - Enna Veetukku Maatuponnu Vanthacha ? (Congrats on getting a daughter-in-law). My mom's uncle many a time did not attend all the functions in the marriages because of these. Take the case now, I only get an intimation thru the mail with a scanned version of the invitation, and thats it.. In some of the latest cases, no emails also, just a small line after the marriage.

    Times have changed. But my mom has said that for my marriage, she has to go around inviting people personally in the traditional way. Let us see what happens during that time.

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    Internet @ Home

    At last, I have been able to connect to the Net at home, using a P1 computer with 64 MB RAM. Yeah, I know it is an ancient system, but the only thing that I can afford right now. I was able to view the splendid victory of India over Pakistan over the Net from cricinfo.com through this system. So, I can post with more regularity from now on.

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    Tuesday, March 09, 2004

    Login Access at Unimelb

    For some reason, the system admin have disabled my account at my lab, so from now on, I have to depend on somebody. But, the access at the main CSHE lab at the Unimelb main campus is still there, so I have to shift my working place there. So until such time, thankx to Karthik for letting me use his laptop to post.

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    Monday, March 08, 2004

    Getting Older

    Another realization that I am getting older - I 'celebrated' my 27th birthday on Sunday. Bought myself some clothes and still the celebrations are continuing. I simply wonder how time has passed, seems like yesterday when I started my undergraduation at CIT in 1994. It has been 10 years and still I am studying, though, I know what I am doing now.

    I gazed at my face today morning while shaving, and I was unable to point out anything that said I was 27 years old. Good for that. Might be of help next year.. My friend Amit and his wife presented me a Brut cologne pack with a deodarant - maybe to point out that I am sweating too much.. I should say that I have been using deoderants for a long time now, my mom used to say that I am spending a lot on them when I was in India.

    My first try at Jap food

    Today was the first time I tried out Japanese food at OBento at the Melbourne Central Food Court. Unfortunately, I chose a wrong veg dish and it was so to say, made me feel sick. Gave up after two tries, but, one bright side, I was able to eat with chopsticks without any problems.

    Music : Maahi Ve from Kal Ho Na Ho
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    Wednesday, March 03, 2004

    Mail Re-direction

    The problem with house shifting is that you have to keep visiting the older house for mails, until the mail re-direction service takes effect. I applied for the mail re-direction feature on Tuesday and I was informed by the lady at the counter that it would take effect after three business days, ie from Monday next. Until such time, I visit the house in the morning to check the mails and Ilavenil checks it in the afternoon. On Tuesday I did that, and at night at the door of the Glen Huntly house, I find that I had left my keys in the bedroom wardrobe at Windsor. @#$%... Have to get those keys back.

    Lost contact

    I had lost contact with Nattu since I changed my mobile service. I am unable to retrieve the contact details from my older cellphone. Thankfully, Nattu called me up on mobile today morning. Have to call him up tonight.

    Feeling Happy

    What can I say ? I dont why I am feeling very happy and feel like enjoying every bit of the day. Must be due to the fact that today is a day-off from work, OR is it something else ?

    Vaijayanthi has posted a good list of today IT professions compared with characters from the Ramayana and Mahabharatha. Have a look at it..

    Music : Pretty Woman by Shankar Mahadevan from Kal Ho Naa Ho
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    Monday, March 01, 2004

    Change of Houses

    At last, we landed a house in Glenhuntly, a 2 bedroom apt in which five of us will be staying. I am as usual, in the hall, watching the TV until sleep takes me into her loving arms. One good thing, is that I have woken up much earlier than I used to do in the last three months, due to my new roomates. These guys have uni - so they wake up, and I also tend to wake up. Good thing, I feel that I have more time in hand. This house is just 15 min walk from the Glenhuntly station.

    The rent is $180 per month apart from bills. Compare that with the house I was staying in Windsor, I paid $300 per month apart bills. The shifting broke my back.. We had to clean the whole house in Windsor and then move everything to GHuntly, and it was tiring.

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