Wednesday, June 23, 2004

A Proposition

******* IF YOU ARE BELOW 18 YRS, DONT CONTINUE **********

On the way to work this afternoon, I was surprised to see a rather good looking girl standing in my way near Flinders St station. I did try to move away, but she just stood in her position and suddenly grabbed my right hand and looked at the ring that I wear. Then she asked me whether I was married or not. I was taken aback by this question, and I should have mumbled something like 'No'. Well, this is the first time any girl has asked me this question. Hence, the mumbling.

Then she asked me whether she could spend the night with me. That kind of put me in a spot. Well, I am not queer or gay, but, this was kind of sudden and unexpected. It took sometime (in secs) to answer that question, because of the suddeness and the accent. Again, I mumbled 'No' and a 'Thankx' as well. She then proceeded to say that she would be good. Well, there it is people, my first time of being approached by a lady working in the oldest profession in the world. One other thing that strikes me when I think back, is that the time when the proposition was made - 3.30 PM.

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Monday, June 21, 2004

Day off

I have taken a day off today from work. Just did not feel like working this afternoon. And, this is my day off (leave of absence) in almost one and a half months of working at UCMS, so there should not be any problems. The company policy states that we have to call in atleast two hours before our scheduled start time, so that the resources can be planned accordingly. Boy ! I would love to get into the resource planning team.

Of late, my DVD player is working overtime. I should have seen atleast 20 new movies in the last one month or ever since I got the Blockbuster membership. And today it was 'Serving Sara' starring Matthew Perry and Liz Hurley. She has a lovely English accent in this movie. Duh !! She is English of course.

It is my roomate Cyril's birthday today and it happens that today is the last day of his exams, so planning on having a gala party tonight. All the best for him in his exams.

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I don't have a fair idea on how to name / title this post, so this is just a headless post. The training is over and back to the phones from tommorrow evening. It is bound to be hectic for the first few days and after that I have the confidence that everything will be alright. This was how I felt when I started taking Prepaid calls, but now I am a master of Prepaid calls.

I also have a recurrent dream that goes like this : I am enrolling again in 12th Std. I can see my Physics master Mr. Balasubramanian and couple of others looking through my scores and approving the admission. I am scared of whether I will do well, as my sub conscious mind reminds me of the horrors of 12th Board exams. In fact, my batch (1994) had to rewrite the Chemistry exam because some goof had published the question paper. Fortunately for me as I did not do well in that exam. In the end, I was able to salvage my pride the second time around. So the goof turned out to be my saviour after all. Well, coming to my dream, I seem to study more and the dream progresses to me preparing for exams and as usual, I am cramming all the information in the eleventh hour. Terrifying !! I feel that I might be studying another course in my life. I am not done with studies, I think.

I am also into dieting now. Trying to get some of the extra kilos off my body. My way of dieting is to cut down eating rice drastically. And get to eat more of fruits and drink more milk. And the results after nearly ten days of doing so are that I am able to wear my belt in the last hole as well. I feel I can give myself a pat on the back for doing that.

Some interesting things that remind me of Indian names. This evening I saw a Merc that was registered in the name 'DELHI'. And, there is a town named Howrah in Tasmania. Indoroopilly is not a name of a town in Andhra Pradesh, it is the name of a town in Queensland.

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Friday, June 18, 2004


I have done the disappearing act from blogging. But in the meantime, I have done some pretty interesting stuff with time here. I have been attending a training session in my organization for taking / handling Post Paid Telstra connections. Lots of information to be assimilated than Prepaid calls and many more tips and tricks to get around problems if anything is not possible. While this is more complicated than handling Prepaid calls, the one thing that daunts me presently is that I will be talking to dealers and corporate people who will know everything and as a greenhorn I will be facing a tough one or two days at work next week.

Trains on the Frankston line still continue to be unpredictable as like Melbourne climate. They dont come ontime, and if the train is cancelled the announcement is provided nearly one min before the arrival. But, inspite of all these, there is no shortage of incidents on Frankston line trains. Like, for instance, day before on the 7.48 AM train four young kids got on the train at Caulfield station. As is the custom with most kids in Australia, they were swearing, shouting and were very unruly in an otherwise calm carriage. The worst point was when one of the kids wrote the F*** word on the dew condensed window adding (shouting) the words 'This is for all of you in the train'.

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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Indian Call Centers

Battling through a bout of headache early today morning, I was watching a program in NBC about call centres in India. Lots of Indians were shown in snazzy outfits and corporate setups. The man who was being interviewed, he actually went to India to find out for himself about the progress being made. He says USA is in a win-win situation to outsource such jobs to India. He says the companies involved in call centres are providing big business to Dell, HP and Microsoft. So the dollars keep flowing back to USA and which would enrich the economy of the USA. So he says !! I forgot the name of the person who was being interviewed.

Melbourne Climate

There is something about Melbourne climate, it never is the same. Well, how can a climate change from Sunny to Rainy in the time it takes to order a fruit salad ? It happened today. I ordered the fruit salad in the afternoon and was thinking about taking it back to my office when the waiteress said that 'Are you going out in that climate ?' I turned to look out and there was the shortest possible rainstorm which was a good sight to watch from the 11th floor in my office. The whole Port Philip Bay was covered by sleet and rain.

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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Youth Behaviour

I get to take a lot of calls from the general public trying to get their mobile accounts activated. Most of these calls are from people in the 15-25 age category. I have noticed a distressing trend while listening to these people. Asking them for anything that they dont understand brings out the worst possible words from their mouths. I mean, they have added the F*** word and the S*** word to their vocabulary. And, the most unhappy thing is that I am being referred to as the F***ing Indian who is asking for all these details. Trying to explain to them that it is not me who needs the information, rather the system that needs it, takes a great deal of effort.

The youth of Australia are living in complicated situations. Most of them dont finish school and before you can say PRESTO they are into drinking, drugs and what not. The Geelong Grammar School has been conducting drug tests for its students regularly for the last five, six years. I see a lot of letters from the general public complaining about their attitude in public places. I can always move away claiming that it is not bothering me in any way, but I am having serious thoughts about what would happen if my children are being brought up in such a situation. My parents have also instilled in the importance of safeguarding the family name and not to bring disrepute to it in anyway. I dont know whether I have been a big success, but I have not damaged my family name. I would be certainly disappointed even unhappy if my children were to practise the same language.

A classic example of Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child.

I have been away from India for nearly a year and a half now, and I wonder whether our students are also into such activities. I had a lot of friends who started smoking and drinking at a very early age, but to swear in public and talk nonsense to old aged people, thats not something I would expect out of the youth in my homeland.

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