Saturday, August 28, 2004

No Posts

My call center work has kept me away from blogging for a long time now - nearly two weeks. In the meantime, I had also taken some time off to set out on a trip to the Great Ocean Road, I have some excellent photos (I think) of the trip, hoping to post it very soon.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Joshua Salik

Who the hell are you ? And, why are you commenting about The empty glass ? The last thing i need in my present life is philosophy. And, why does blogspot does not display anything when i type and displays my blog when I type Crazy !!

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Friday, August 06, 2004

A blog that I liked ...

Being a fan of gossips in life, I was immediately attracted to this blog of Rekha, who writes about filmstars and their lives. She has also got a good layout with excellent photographs. Way to go Rekha !. Will be a regular to your site.

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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Reserve jobs in private sector?

At the time when India’s software industry is being envied by one and all worldwide, with the rapid strides that we have made, comes the blow of proposing reservation quotas in the private sector. The software industry is the big one to suffer, I would not say suffer, there are very many qualified people to comment on whether reservation is a necessity or not? But, with the UPA government proposing to start a dialogue with industry leaders so as to kickstart the reservation process, are we looking at a period of downturn in our major export industries? I believe, YES.

True, there was a time when people in the lower and weaker sections of life needed incentives and encouragement for uplifting their lifestyle. Going by the time that such incentives were being provided, their future generations would be comfortably well off and well cared for. When I voiced the same concern to a group of my classmates not so long ago, while I was studying my masters in India, I was portrayed as one of the worst ever racists that those people have come across. Nowadays, engineering colleges in Tamilnadu are available by the dime a dozen, and more often, we see colleges advertising well after the admission period to all students to take up engineering. Far cry from the days, when I studied with only thirty two colleges available. And, everyone scores well in GRE, everyone does well in Infosys tests, everyone gets a job and everyone’s passport has a dozen entry and exit stamps. Everybody aims for being a global citizen, so what will reservation achieve in our schools and colleges? So, why do need reservation or why is reservation being demanded by the minority leaders? The answer is THE Vote bank.

By demanding reservation in all aspects of the Indian industry, these leaders are just turning the people in the lower and weaker sections into people of no self confidence at all. What would a student of such a society think about himself? Whether or not he gets good grades he is bound to a get the same well paying job like the other student who toiled hard for his studies and got good grades. By demanding reservation the leaders are about to turn a generation of the Indian youth into people with no braveness. Then we will read about Narayanmurthy, Premji, Sabeer Bhatia or Vinod Khosla in just history books just as we now read about Gandhiji or Sardar Patel in history books, rather than having the yearning to be like them or to make changes like they did. India cannot afford to be lax at this point of time when countries like China, Taiwan are fast catching up.

And I cannot resist myself quoting this paragraph –

‘None of us have ever doubted the integrity of Washington, Adams, Jefferson or Lincoln. Why shouldn’t we today produce another generation of statesmen who will bring back to our vocabulary the words duty, pride and honour without such a suggestion being greeted with sarcasm or scorn’.

-Florentyna Kane in ‘The Prodigal Daughter’ by Jeffrey Archer.

Replace the names Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln with Gandhiji, Sardar Patel, Radhakrishnan or Abdul Kalam and you will understand what I mean.

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