Monday, October 25, 2004

Breakup Week

It is just like SunTV's advt, Kaaaathal Vaaram, in a highly husky tone. Last week, we people in Ozland (yes, now I am a resident), heard about the breakup between our Kim a.ka. Kim Clijsters and Lleyton Hewitt after a four year long courtship. Apparently, the mothers did not see eye to eye in the wedding plans, which was due in four months in Adelaide. Then, the very next day we get the shocking news of the split up of Delta Goodrem and Mark Phillipoussis (the Scud).

I have to tell that this latest split has created lots of anger among the people here. Evidence of this can be seen in this article in ninemsn. The below sentence has appeared in the article -

But whether or not Delta has really been ditched for a man-eating Hollywood bitch, that's how the story has played out in the media.

The Scud has rebounded from Delta and has exploded near the feet of Paris Hilton. Another report of this issue has appeared in The Age newspaper website as well. The paparazzi has never had such a field day here.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Microsoft Reward
How did MS know I have got the green card ? I just logged to my Hotmail account and I have 250 MB of mail storage. Seems like Bill is happy for me to get the Green Card. What am I to do with the 250 MB? ;-)
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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Green Card / Permanent Residentship

Success !! At last I got the Green Card from the Australian Govt today after nearly seven months of waiting. I know that this time period is very much small compared to the US Green Card process, but I was expecting this for a long time as alomost all of my friends got the green card in nearly two months, while mine took so long. But, better late than never. Needless to say, my parents and my family are very happy that I got the Green Card. Got a party at night to celebrate !!.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A Visit to the Tulip Festival

The Tesselaar Tulip festival is being held every year in the Mt Dandenong ranges near the town of Silvan. It is actually a tulip flower farm setup by the Tesselaar family nearly fifty years back. In fact, this year is the fiftieth year anniversary of this festival. I have seen this kind of farms only in Hindi movies, where the hero and heroine prance around them, singing !!. It was a great visual treat for the eyes filled with vivid colours of the tulips.

Picture 1
Picture 2

The attendants at the festival were also dressed in the traditional Dutch dresses complete with the clogs for the shoes. The clogs are much lighter than the latest runner from Nike as they are made of willow. And, it was the Irish weekend when I visited, so we also had the bagpipes to bring in the Irish touch to the whole visit.

Picture 3

I also made it to the Mt Dandenong Observatory from where the view of the City of Melbourne was just breathtaking. I was able to see the contours of the Port Philip Bay and the land joining together. The CBD seemed like a big cake only that the dressings were not layered on top of each other, rather spread out in all directions.

I culminated the wonderful trip to the tulip festival with a visit to the Shiva Vishnu temple in Carrum Downs just outside of Melbourne on the Frankston - Dandenong road. If you had watched the movie, Nala Damayanthi, you can see this temple when Ramji (Madhavan) breaks a coconut when he first comes down to Australia. To say the least, it was first time to a temple in nearly one and a half years.

Shiva Vishnu Temple

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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Alien Vs Predator

I am not a fan of sci fi movies, very few movies have impressed me. I am more of the romantic comedy stuff guy. I saw the promos of the new movie Alien Vs Predator at some of the train stations in Melbourne. And, we all know that the Great Australian election is on tomorrow between Mark Latham and John Howard. Somebody had written the names John Howard and Mark Latham on the poster of Alien Vs Predator at the Malvern station. It was really funny because of the photos that say Alien (John Howard) and Predator (Mark Latham). The promoline of the movie was also 'Whoever Wins, We Lose', to add to all the fun. Imagine a predator looking creature claiming to be Howard or Latham. Luckily, the authorities took them off saving more embarrasment for the parties.

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Rumblings in the Family Front

Of all the things I miss by living in Australia, my family takes primary spot. My parents are getting older and I cannot bear not to be with them as they slowly wind down their professional life and get started on another journey - retired life. My father has already submitted his resignation to State Bank of India after 36 years of distinguished service. I would he would be officially relived from duties by this year end after serving out the mandatory three months notice period. My mother would like to continue for some more time and call it quits.

Incidentally, my father was mentioning about the job career prospects in the banking system in India with institutions like State Bank of India pushing ahead of a corporate image rather a institution of dusty ledger book shelves. The oft neglected courses of accounting, finance and economics may well come into the picture for providing a good career prospect. I had also tried my luck at a banking job when I appeared for the final interview at Karur Vysaya Bank couple of years back. Thinking about how that interview went, the panel did not ask me much questions at all, they were testing my general knowledge and current affairs. Maybe due to the fact that I have no accounting background except for that Accounting and Financial Management paper in my MCA first year that I managed to just clear.

A Cute Dog

The other day coming back from work, I was sitting next to a Chinese girl who had this cute little dog with her. It was something like a poodle, she said. All that I have seen in India are only Alsations, Labradors and Pomeranians (is the spelling right ?). Needless to say, I love dogs and we have two of them at home in India, a Labrador-Alsation cross and a Pomeranian. My parents love them so much, its just like having a brother and a sister for me. I have heard somewhere that if you are (were) a dog owner, you can manage to get friendly with another dog just like that. Apparently, you can get their moves from their actions. I tried this sort of theory on that dog and it worked. The dog took to me pretty soon and was started to play around before the second station stop arrived. I also managed to take a photo of the dog with my mobile phone camera, but am unable to upload the photo as I don't have the software to upload the photos. Will post it soon.

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