Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Suddenly, India and the Tsunami disaster are the hot topics in our office talk. In fact, I was one of the ignorant few who had to be informed by one of my colleagues about the scale of devastation that has hit our nation. I was so caught up in work that I missed my sunday read of all the Indian newspapers. Sitting here in Australia, I cannot, but feel sad and more so, frightful of the numbers that keep climbing every day.

When I saw footage of the disaster on the Internet and the TV, I was immediately reminded of scenes from Day After Tomorrow, that I watched couple of months back. My only lingering thought - So many lives, in such a short time ...

I cannot understand Nature.
After remaining a vegetarian for nearly most of my life, discounting the fact that I used to eat eggs like crazy during my childhood, I became non-vegi for a few minutes day before yesterday. I should put it down to pure ignorance.. After buying a veggie burger combo meal and a chicken breast burger for my friend, I had put them out on the table hoping that he would open them and take the chicken burger. But, he thought I had already chosen the burger and ate the wrong one !!.

I, the innocent soul, took the other one, started munching my way through it. Two big bites later, I felt something rubbery in the burger and then asked him what did he have? He said, the one you gave me. Then I held up my burger and asked 'Is this a chicken?'. And, he said, 'Dai Iyer, atlast you have had one !!'. Funny as it was, I could not eat more, not that I am part of veggie maniacs to say that no living animal should be killed for human consumption, but rather, why do something that I have not done so far in my life.

Still, we have to discount the egg eating scandal in my childhood.

Monday, December 27, 2004

It seems like I am looking at the ugly racist side of Australia, wherever I go nowadays. Last afternoon, I and my colleague went to the Subway at Elizabeth St, to buy a footlong sub for each of us. My friend (who used to work at the same place sometime back) had a coupon for a free meal upgrade, and I had been collecting some Subway stamps for sometime now, to be used for a free footlong sub.

What I did not know was that, stamps purchased from a particular store can be redeemed only at that store. There was not even a tiny mention of this fact anywhere in store and also on the card. How on earth am I supposed to know that those ****ing cards were color coded depending on the store where we got them ?

Well, coming back to the store episode, I gave these cards to the girl at the counter who was serving us and along with the free meal upgrade coupon that my colleague had, with the question that can those be used for the two subs that we were about to get ? The store manager, this mean person, to say the least asked us all those questions that can mean only one thing, that he was not happy serving to people like me.

He asked me 'How do you have the nerve to come into my store showing me these coupons to get the subs?'.. I can only reply, 'with the same nerve that made you ask me the question'. But, I was also concerned about not making a scene out of it, as I hate shouting matches and talking with nonsense people. Ultimately, without buying the sub and hoping that I had my point I left the store. And to top it all, that person was not a native Aussie as well, which only made me laugh.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I had my first face to face experience of racist comments today afternoon while coming to the city. Two guys got on the train at Flinders street station on the way to Melb central station. Me and my room-mate sitting with my laptop and his bag full of books on the way to RMIT were talking about tips for phone interviews.. They started commenting about the seats on the new trains, and the fact that we were sitting on them.

And then came the 'Bloody' word - I hate it when someone says it. I guess it is a part of the English language to refer to anything as Bloody, but I hate it when someone tells me. This guy goes on referring us as bloody people, and tells his mate - 'These bloody people earn 10 times more than what we do, I am stupid, stupid'. At this point I was inclined to agree with that person.

Melbourne as a city is very cosmopolitan with its people being from varying cultures, and somehow these emotions are still dormant in some here. I was not able to do anything or tell anything to him, he was a gigantic guy who was drunk as well.

I paid the price of my pride, my Indianness, my colour, my feelings .. Everything .. for the comfort of staying in Australia and earning in $.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I have also seen the Trisha nude bathing scene. The after effect was not one of ecstasy, but one of disappointment and total hate of the people who had comitted this rather nasty deed. When I got the video file as an attachment from one of my friends, I was just bubbling to open it.

But, after watching the file, the combined reaction of me and my roomates was a overall disenchantment with the whole episode. The point is that it is not Trisha, that it could happen to anyone. It is not private anymore, guys and gals, so beware. Kali kaalam da ithu. The poor girl, whether it is Trisha, or someone else, did not even know that she was being filmed taking bath.

And as a blogger, I am contributing to the crime, by writing about it. I am just guessing that the long arm of the law, does not reach me while I am here.

On one hand, we see the actress vehemently denying that she is not the person, and on the other hand we see the CEO of Baazee being arrested for admitting a sex tape. Truly, kali kaalam ithuthaan.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Bollywood @ NASA

This is not about a hindi film festival at NASA, Kennedy Space Center (KSC). Swades, the latest Shahrukh film has found mention in the NASA website. Shahrukh plays Mohan Bhargav a Indian born scientist in this movie. The film was shot at Launch Pad 39 A.

Source : Lights, Camera, Liftoff !

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Friday, December 10, 2004

Change in my profile

I have decided to change my profile wordings. Whenever I look at my blog, of late, it somehow projects a loser in me, hence the decision to modify it to suit the changes in life as I see it. I still am a lazy person who likes to take life as it comes and never be pressurised by anything or anyone for that matter. Yeah !! I know what you are saying, just wait until you are married. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I have posted my latest snap - that of a pigeon at my photo avatar. I did that using Flickr. It has this wonderful tool of blogging into blogger directly, something that impressed me a lot.

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Update: The changes have not been reflected in my blog even after 20 mins, what is happening with blogspot ?

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Success at last

I got the Olympus C 725 camera with 3 MP and 8x optical zoom. It came along with a 16 MB XD memory card and Olympus Camedia software with a 12 month manufacturer warranty. I bought it for $399 from Harvey Norman. I have uploaded some of the photos that I shot with the new camera at my photo blog.

Ooh Aaah Ouch !!

This is not a advt but the way my body is behaving now. I enrolled in a gym and attended my workout session yesterday evening and this is the result. I guess this was expected after 26 years of non gym life and no exercise after coming to Australia. Atleast in India, I and Prabu Karthik managed an hour of walking around the Race course road in Coimbatore. And, working in a sedantary job has not made anything better. So, I hope to go to the gym today as well and endure more of this pain in my newly discovered way of keeping fit.

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Friday, December 03, 2004

Has Sachin achieved something in the Eden Gardens test match? When I saw this - 'Sachin Tendulkar sets new record' article in, I eagerly clicked and was disappointed not to see Sachin's name anywhere in the article. Is Rediff trying to get more people to read this article by mentioning his name ? But this is something that all the stats lovers should read.

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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Yet another day, same story

I made yet another try to buy the cameras yesterday evening at Officeworks. The shop assistant made me stand in watch of some laptops while she scouted around for the cameras. She was trying to explain to me the salient features of both the cameras ... I was able cut her short and let her know that it was the third time I have visited their store for buying the camera. Then off she went scouting. And, came back and told me that they did not have both the cameras in stock, some new pieces would be expected by early next week. Hmph .. I am still wondering what made her choose me to look after the laptops, do I have such a pleasing face or is my face proclaiming that I am a Ilichaavaayan ? Anyway, it was good to see someone that I did not know at all, placing that trust in me.

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