Monday, January 17, 2005

It's official. My leave application has been approved and I will be away in India for five weeks starting on Feb 4. The thought of visiting India has still not hit me, maybe due to all the planning and the shopping (I haven't done any so far) and until now, I was worried that my leave application will be turned down, but good news on that end. But, exciting things await me...

Meeting my parents and my family after nearly two years, will be two years exactly on Feb 21, all my cousins, spending time alone in my room at home, catching up on all the family gossip. I don't have any ideas of how to escape from the inevitable question 'Eppo kalyanam panikka porae?' - When are you planning on getting married ?. That should keep me on hops, I guess. I want to visit Trichy, to see my auntie's family and as well as to visit Srirangam temple and the Big Temple in Thanjavur. Lots of things to do, will be using the camera a lot !!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I managed to buy tickets for the Tsunami cricket match that was held in Melbourne on Jan 10. The tickets were sold out in less than three days and it was a house full crowd of 70,101. It was a wonderful atmosphere with the crowds, the cricket lovers, the kids etc. but the downside was the heat, it was soaring in the MCG that day and sitting in the sun from 1 PM till about 7.30 PM when the sun went down, I was totally burned. No amount of water would get the heat down, and no beer as well, as I forgot to take cash along and the ATM queue in the 'G' was a mile long. I was suddenly reminded of the railway station queues in India.

I have uploaded some photos from the tsunami match at my photo blog.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

It was real good start to the New Year. I and my roomies were off to... where else, the fireworks show on the banks of the Yarra river in Melb. The point of bother was that I did not have enough time to experiment with my camera and so almost all of the pictures that I shot with my brand new Olympus camera came out as total nonsense, barring a few. I need more time to fiddle around with my camera. So, I am not posting any pics of the New Year.

But the celebrations were kind of subdued, more so to the tsunami disaster. I heard somewhere that the city of Brisbane had cancelled the fireworks show in their city and donated the money to the tsunami cause. Praiseworthy effort !!. Most of the offices are remaining closed due to the holiday season still continuing in Australia, except for mine. We work 365 days a year. A good thing is that the whole of Australia are taking the tsunami disaster very seriously and there are charity music shows, a cricket match between Asia XI and the World XI on Jan 10 at the MCG. I am ready with the tickets for the match, though, cost us $20 each. Watch out for me, if this match is being telecast in India - will be part of the noisiest gang.