Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My days in India - Part I

After coming to Coimbatore, this is the first day I have had to sit and walk around my house and play with my dogs, I have travelled nearly 3500 kms in the last 10 days. I had been to Bombay, Nasik, the famous Saibaba temple at Shirdi, Guruvayur. Still have to go for a trip to either Tirupathi or the navagrahas around Trichy.

First of all the trip to Bombay which took nearly 32 hrs by train. I had previously enquired with my dad's travel agent who promptly assured that there were no Air Deccan flights from Coimbatore to Bombay. Only later did I find that this was wrong. The onward journey was fine as I travelled by AC, but the return journey was very tiresome due to the heat in Andhra Pradesh. I went by car from Bombay to my aunty's place in Nasik, specifically the HAL township at Ojhar. The Bombay - Agra national highway requires special mention as the road was really like travelling on butter. I did not feel even a small jerk all along the 200 kms odd journey. Totally worth paying the Rs 19 toll fee.

The trip to Shirdi and Singanapur (I hope the spelling is right) was the other way around, full of bumps, but I enjoyed the views of rural India. As a matter of fact, Singanapur has a temple of Lord Sani (Saturn) and the pujas have to be done only by males. I had to wear a saffron colored dhoti and take a bath in the middle of the road at a roadside pump inorder to be chaste and ready for the puja. Legend has that there are no doors for the shops at this place. The myth is that one who steals will get the proper punishment before he / she leaves the town. Intrigued as I was by this, I did not venture to test it. ;-)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I have reached India after a three hour delay at Singapore. I reached on Jan 5 early morning at Cochin. Will keep posting.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Bugger, bugger. The flight that I was supposed to travel from Singapore to Cochin has developed a snag and will not be used - am waiting for another flight which according to the Singapore Airlines people has not landed here so far. My holiday is starting ... ;-(
Test post using free internet service at Changi Airport, Singapore. Had a nice stay at the Park Royal Hotel, 40 mins left for boarding the flight to Cochin.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Grrr... Grrr.... It's a big pain waiting for the flight date. Here I am, having said goodbye to all my office mates, packing all done mostly of chocolates, all the financial arrangements taken care of, and still have more than 30 hrs to go before the flight leaves. It is such a pain, and I am already having great (!!) expectations about my 15 hr stopover at Singapore.

I just realised that how much I stuff I have bought over the last 12 months or so, books, DVDs, CDs, they all make up to a big box that used to hold my TV. This is too much, have to stop getting stuff when I come back from India.