Friday, April 29, 2005

Waking up Early

The weekend is here again, but sadly enough, I cannot enjoy the extra couple of hours of sleep. My body does not allow me. Thought of going out into the sunshine and enjoying some good 'me alone' time. Looking out - no sun, only dreary clouds impending storms.

But, then again, have an idea of catching up on my reading and then complete a bit of admin stuff. I have been putting off arranging all my papers for sometime now, the thought itself scares me. What if, I don't find my last tax returns lodgement statement in my bag?

I hope everything is fine in the bag. Couple of nights back, my passport walked out of my bag and went elsewhere. Luckily, elsewhere was just in another corner of the wardrobe, in another bag. But again, it took me nearly an hour to figure it out. By then, my BP had whooooooosh... The passport is now back in the bag and no more outings for it. Strict curfew order.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A Tribute to my School
Part II

I started typing this post sometime back and all of a sudden my computer conked out. Don't know why. I did not also save the post as a draft so have lost all of it. I have tried to reconstruct some of the original post.

I have had some skirmishes with my school teachers during my years at CGMHSS, but none stood in the way eventually. I guess that I was not that bad a guy after all. Somehow, I managed to pass the XII examination in black and white (not in flying colours), my father even mentioned that he did not expect me to pass the French papers.

Of late, I have heard that Carmel Garden School is not quite the educational institution it used to be during my time. We used to do well in studies, participate in sports events, win trophies at literary and quizzing events, but somewhere down the line, the school had lost it's focus. I just hope that school management realise their mistakes and restore the school to it's old glory.

A cold iPod and my color blindness

No, my eyes and my iPod are not related, but two goof ups in one day is something that I don't do everyday.

Ever wondered what would happen if your iPod is placed in temperatures less than 2 C ? Read on ...

It is sort of my daily routine on my way to training to meet my friend at the Malvern station and go along with him to the training centre. The iPod also tags along. We reached the centre with minutes to spare before the session starts, and I placed my iPod in the lunch bag that I promptly put in the kitchen fridge after entering the office. After nearly 45 mins in the class, I realised that something was amiss, and had to slip out to get the iPod.

The kitchen was 10 steps away from the training room, but those 10 steps were pretty long. Yeah, it is only a gadget, but my frustration was more aimed at myself than anything else. What kind of a guy in the proper frame of mind can put his newly purchased electronic gadget in the fridge ?

I have known for sometime that I cannot identify certain colour variations, often mistaking light blue for pink, dark brown for bottle green and so forth. How do I know the names, that is beyond me. Maybe I have read the words in some book. Yesterday, the trainer was making some mention about some info located in light blue text in a screen. I was looking at all white text and trying to figure the info that she was telling us. After sometime, I simply gave up and I remember smiling at my small problem. Then, my colleague had to point out the information that I was supposed to look at.

I hope to become an amateur photographer, and I have a color blindness problem. Ha Ha !!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

A tribute to my school
Part I

Carmel Garden Matriculation Higher Secondary School, that is were I spent my years from 4th std to 12th std. The admission procedures once upon a time were very strict and only wards of the wealthy and influential can be admitted. True, some of my peers are sons of some of the richest families in Coimbatore. It is still a wonder how I got admitted way back in 1985 into the 4th std.

I had secured admission at Stanes High School (the other school during my days) after an entrance test and a parental interview. My parents wanted an admission in CGMHSS because it was around the corner, only two bustops from my home. It was State Bank of India, Race Course branch to our help, the school has their account there. It was way past the deadline for the new admissions and when the school realised that I had got admitted to Stanes, obviously they were not interested. The then branch manager of SBI had to speak with Rev. Fr. Mudiyappan to secure the admission.

After that, it was pure sailing. I did not turn out to be the wonder kid of the class in any way, but thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

Unforgettable teachers, unforgettable moments, that school has still a lot to offer. They did not insist on homework, it was still there to be completed, but no big deal if we did not complete it. I remember some of the funny stuff as well - during the Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1989, one of the seniors had kissed a girl from another school and he was given a thorough thrashing by all the teachers. I was also suspended from the school for one day during my XI std as I forgot to bring the Computer Science record to the lab. The teacher had asked me to bring it from home, and I was caught by the principal when I was starting the bike, and when I mentioned that I was given permission by the teacher who later backtracked saying that, he had asked me to bring it to class the next day. My anger of my father who never had to come to school, except for the admission in 4th std hit the roof. The another reason was I took the bike to school without his knowledge.
The last seven days

My initial thoughts before training started at ANZ went like - enjoying, fun filled activities, meeting interesting people, lots of breaks and so on. I forgot to add one another factor into my wishlist - getting tired from reading lots of financial acts and policies. Already I have lost track of how many I have read and taken compliance tests for, only that it is all the more confusing now. This is what has made me totally blank by the time I reach home every evening, without the lack of energy to do anything. Being mentally tired makes me physically tired as well, all that I can think of is to eat dinner, go to sleep and possibly hope for a dreamless sleep.

Coming to other news, Chakkarapani is a proud father of Anirudh. In fact, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to the proud father yesterday. To start with, it was the English language dialogue of :

Chakra : Hello ! This is Chakra.
Me: Hello Chakra, this is Deepak. Guess which Deepak is this ?
Chakra : Deepakkk ....... in (some place in England) or from Melbourne ?

Me: I got your email and as well as I read the blog today morning, so Congratulations !!. how are your wife and son ?
Chakra: They are fine.

Me: Ethukku namma English la pesanum?, Tamil irukkae.
Chakra: Athanae...

And then it continued.

I have not met Chakra in person, but this conversation somehow made me feel that I was talking to a close friend. I was also amazed to hear how much he remembers about my posts, some of them even, not on the current view page. I don't know how much I can remember about someone if I suddenly get a call and I get all this from a person who was on his way to his workplace at 9.30 AM in the midst of the rush hour.

Chakra - hats off to you.

Human body as a storage medium ??

I and my roomies were talking about the Apple iPod and such MP3 players which can double as a portable hard disk as well. Gone are the days of the cassettes, CDs and Sony Discmans. Now are the days of the iPods. Almost everyone on the train has one.

What next ? Maybe one day, we have chip implanted in our body which can be tuned to music / news from all over the world or our own songs stored in Google's storage space. Probably we would not need a set of headphones, all in the imagination !! Along with that, we will not need USB drives to carry files around, our fingers can function as USB to store information in the human body as well. We already have signs of this through Verichip, inspired by the September 11 attacks.

It is scary, though !!. A search on Google for info also threw up this site, where such technological progress will lead to the sign of the Devil.

Am I scared ? As long my body is not used to store confidential information after I am dead, akin to locking up info in safes, I am fine.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Welcome to my newly designed site. I felt that change is always good, eventhough, it is not liked by many. I have always liked this design whenever I read Sumit's blog, so decided to employ it for my own purposes. I will be looking for ways for tweaking this design as much as possible.

I have resigned from Telstra and all good to go for my training session at ANZ bank starting Monday 18 April. Somehow, I am not overly excited about this, don't know why. As much as I understand the changes in the salary amounts in my payslips, I am missing something. I seem to worry about something, then again, I am not able to say what. Troublesome times, mentally.

Usually when an employee left from the organization from Telstra NAC, it was customary to send an email to the floor to everyone from the CEO down to the newly recruited employee to inform them about their resigning. When I started to work there, I had this practice to read all through their email and congratulate about them leaving for better prospects, but after sometime it was pure hogwash. There were couple of them who I knew did not share any team spirit in their teams, hated their team leaders to the brim, still wrote mails explaining how excited they were to work with them, praising their team leaders etc. Bah !!

When my turn came around, I made it a point of letting very few people (I know very few) personally that I am leaving and that I had enjoyed every moment working with them or talking to them. I am not boasting that I am one step ahead of the others in mannerisms and what they are doing is wrong, just felt that people still like when you congratulate them in person or let them know in person about your changes. After all, they are still in the same building. And, why should everyone know about how I feel about my team leaders ? All said and done, I will miss Erik and Lisa from my team.

Nothing can be much more gratifying than a personal greeting !!

Monday, April 11, 2005

I have not been visible in the blogworld radar for the last two weeks or so, and that is because I was busy with interviews, appointments, talking to consultants etc. And, I am flying from the Telstra job. I am off to join a customer care position with ANZ Bank at Melbourne.

Workwise, I guess it is all the same, but will be talking to people who have credit cards with ANZ. It is a better salaried package with a permanent position and a three month probation. My training starts on Monday April 18. Apart from me being happy at making more money, my parents were really surprised that I am joining a bank, banking has been in my family for years.
Other news include - I have bought an iPod Mini for $233. It was part of a deal that was offered to our department people from a Telstra shop nearby. It has a 4 GB capacity and presently goes everywhere with me. The first song that I heard on the iPod was 'Theertha Karaiyinile' by S P Balasubramaniam in 'Varumaiyin Niram Sivappu'. Wow, what a voice, and what a poem ?

Does anyone know how to post using email ? I have read all the help forums for blogger, but cannot get it to work. Any suggestions ?