Saturday, April 23, 2005

The last seven days

My initial thoughts before training started at ANZ went like - enjoying, fun filled activities, meeting interesting people, lots of breaks and so on. I forgot to add one another factor into my wishlist - getting tired from reading lots of financial acts and policies. Already I have lost track of how many I have read and taken compliance tests for, only that it is all the more confusing now. This is what has made me totally blank by the time I reach home every evening, without the lack of energy to do anything. Being mentally tired makes me physically tired as well, all that I can think of is to eat dinner, go to sleep and possibly hope for a dreamless sleep.

Coming to other news, Chakkarapani is a proud father of Anirudh. In fact, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to the proud father yesterday. To start with, it was the English language dialogue of :

Chakra : Hello ! This is Chakra.
Me: Hello Chakra, this is Deepak. Guess which Deepak is this ?
Chakra : Deepakkk ....... in (some place in England) or from Melbourne ?

Me: I got your email and as well as I read the blog today morning, so Congratulations !!. how are your wife and son ?
Chakra: They are fine.

Me: Ethukku namma English la pesanum?, Tamil irukkae.
Chakra: Athanae...

And then it continued.

I have not met Chakra in person, but this conversation somehow made me feel that I was talking to a close friend. I was also amazed to hear how much he remembers about my posts, some of them even, not on the current view page. I don't know how much I can remember about someone if I suddenly get a call and I get all this from a person who was on his way to his workplace at 9.30 AM in the midst of the rush hour.

Chakra - hats off to you.

Human body as a storage medium ??

I and my roomies were talking about the Apple iPod and such MP3 players which can double as a portable hard disk as well. Gone are the days of the cassettes, CDs and Sony Discmans. Now are the days of the iPods. Almost everyone on the train has one.

What next ? Maybe one day, we have chip implanted in our body which can be tuned to music / news from all over the world or our own songs stored in Google's storage space. Probably we would not need a set of headphones, all in the imagination !! Along with that, we will not need USB drives to carry files around, our fingers can function as USB to store information in the human body as well. We already have signs of this through Verichip, inspired by the September 11 attacks.

It is scary, though !!. A search on Google for info also threw up this site, where such technological progress will lead to the sign of the Devil.

Am I scared ? As long my body is not used to store confidential information after I am dead, akin to locking up info in safes, I am fine.


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