Saturday, April 23, 2005

A tribute to my school
Part I

Carmel Garden Matriculation Higher Secondary School, that is were I spent my years from 4th std to 12th std. The admission procedures once upon a time were very strict and only wards of the wealthy and influential can be admitted. True, some of my peers are sons of some of the richest families in Coimbatore. It is still a wonder how I got admitted way back in 1985 into the 4th std.

I had secured admission at Stanes High School (the other school during my days) after an entrance test and a parental interview. My parents wanted an admission in CGMHSS because it was around the corner, only two bustops from my home. It was State Bank of India, Race Course branch to our help, the school has their account there. It was way past the deadline for the new admissions and when the school realised that I had got admitted to Stanes, obviously they were not interested. The then branch manager of SBI had to speak with Rev. Fr. Mudiyappan to secure the admission.

After that, it was pure sailing. I did not turn out to be the wonder kid of the class in any way, but thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

Unforgettable teachers, unforgettable moments, that school has still a lot to offer. They did not insist on homework, it was still there to be completed, but no big deal if we did not complete it. I remember some of the funny stuff as well - during the Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1989, one of the seniors had kissed a girl from another school and he was given a thorough thrashing by all the teachers. I was also suspended from the school for one day during my XI std as I forgot to bring the Computer Science record to the lab. The teacher had asked me to bring it from home, and I was caught by the principal when I was starting the bike, and when I mentioned that I was given permission by the teacher who later backtracked saying that, he had asked me to bring it to class the next day. My anger of my father who never had to come to school, except for the admission in 4th std hit the roof. The another reason was I took the bike to school without his knowledge.


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