Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A Tribute to my School
Part II

I started typing this post sometime back and all of a sudden my computer conked out. Don't know why. I did not also save the post as a draft so have lost all of it. I have tried to reconstruct some of the original post.

I have had some skirmishes with my school teachers during my years at CGMHSS, but none stood in the way eventually. I guess that I was not that bad a guy after all. Somehow, I managed to pass the XII examination in black and white (not in flying colours), my father even mentioned that he did not expect me to pass the French papers.

Of late, I have heard that Carmel Garden School is not quite the educational institution it used to be during my time. We used to do well in studies, participate in sports events, win trophies at literary and quizzing events, but somewhere down the line, the school had lost it's focus. I just hope that school management realise their mistakes and restore the school to it's old glory.

A cold iPod and my color blindness

No, my eyes and my iPod are not related, but two goof ups in one day is something that I don't do everyday.

Ever wondered what would happen if your iPod is placed in temperatures less than 2 C ? Read on ...

It is sort of my daily routine on my way to training to meet my friend at the Malvern station and go along with him to the training centre. The iPod also tags along. We reached the centre with minutes to spare before the session starts, and I placed my iPod in the lunch bag that I promptly put in the kitchen fridge after entering the office. After nearly 45 mins in the class, I realised that something was amiss, and had to slip out to get the iPod.

The kitchen was 10 steps away from the training room, but those 10 steps were pretty long. Yeah, it is only a gadget, but my frustration was more aimed at myself than anything else. What kind of a guy in the proper frame of mind can put his newly purchased electronic gadget in the fridge ?

I have known for sometime that I cannot identify certain colour variations, often mistaking light blue for pink, dark brown for bottle green and so forth. How do I know the names, that is beyond me. Maybe I have read the words in some book. Yesterday, the trainer was making some mention about some info located in light blue text in a screen. I was looking at all white text and trying to figure the info that she was telling us. After sometime, I simply gave up and I remember smiling at my small problem. Then, my colleague had to point out the information that I was supposed to look at.

I hope to become an amateur photographer, and I have a color blindness problem. Ha Ha !!


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