Saturday, June 18, 2005


I have just returned from watching a show of 'Anniyan' here in Melbourne. I had to pay $15 for the ticket. But, totally worth it. Shankar has always proven to be technology savvy, eventhough if some scenes were inspired from Matrix or Spiderman, the effects were pretty good. Vikram will go places after this, he is already proven himself, but this yet another feather in his cap. I never realised Sadha was so pretty (jollu jollu) and atlast - Vivek's comedy entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable after a very long time. Is that Raju Sundaram in the Kumari song ? I was not able to recognise him, he has become plump. BTW, a town near Melbourne organises a Tulip festival every year during Aug - Sep and you can watch the same type of background as in that song. A very good marketing technique by mentioning the official website of the movie in a couple of scenes.

Organising the Thyagaraja Music festival for the movie is quite interesting with Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan, Sudha Raghunathan, Unnikrishnan, T N Seshagopalan, Seerkazhi Sivachidambaram and many others participating provides enough proof of the planning for the movie. Vikram's portrayal of the split personality during the scenes of the movie, total applause from the audience. Watch out for the Andang Kaka song in which an entire bridge has been color painted in the background. Also watch out for scenes and backgrounds like Lord of the Rings.

Some questions remain though - I agree with Prabukarthik that Shankar has to provide something apart from social justice and conscience. The main plot of story has not changed in any way from Gentleman, Indian or Mudhalvan, next time around, Shankar should realise this. I have no doubt that this movie will be a money maker but we are sure to hear some grumblings about the main plot.

Storyline * *
Action * * *
Visual effects * * * *
Comedy * * * *
Music * * * *
Vikram * * * * * * * *

Friday, June 17, 2005

Vetri Vetri

I have fixed up the errors in my blog after some shouting, begging my computer to work. Who said that man had total control over machines, even now, I have to follow the machines' time schedules, nothing works to my deadline. I am yet to fix the comments section, will do it shortly. By now, you all would realise shortly is something that takes as long as two weeks in my dictionary.

I am really excited about the India trip, will be meeting some of cousins from the north hemisphere since moving to the southern hemisphere nearly 2.5 yrs back. This would be first travel in a Qantas 747, the long haul flights. This will be first visit to Sydney even if it is only in transit.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Latest Updates

Forget all the Schapelles and the Tonys of this land, I am off to India next week. And the countdown begins. It is my cousin's marriage in Coimbatore and I am taking the longest trip to reach there. I will be visiting Sydney, Bombay, Madras and then Coimbatore in a 15 hr journey with 12 hrs non stop between Sydney and Bombay. I will be back in Melbourne in five days. The last thing, but the most important one, it is cheaper than the last time I visited India in Feb - Mar 05. Thats something with airfares, which has worked out well for me. My cousin dubbed me as being the Ulagam Suttrum Vaaliban of the family.

I don't know whether I will be able to keep my eyes open at the marriage, but am there for everyone to see. Not sleeping, I wish.

Sudoku has caught me going big time, I even solved a couple of them. Don't ask me about the timeframe, I will let know when it is worth revealing. But it is too good. Thanks to Prabukarthik for writing about that on his blog.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Iruvar BG score

I have long wanted to have a copy of the background music of Iruvar, during the last scenes of the movie, when Anandhan's mortal remains are taken away for the funeral and also when Selvam recites the poem. I was very excited when I found this piece of music at . Now it has occupied a special place in my iPod along with Braveheart (downloaded from Expertdabbler), Forrest Gump, A Beautiful Mind, Kal Ho Na Ho and Thalapathi.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Periya Annan 2005

This is not the latest Vijayakanth movie, rather the translation of Big Brother 2005, a reality show that is being telecast in Channel Ten. A group of fifteen or sixteen people are made to live in a house together for one or two months and their antics around the house are shown to the general public. Everything, right from the eating to the sleeping and the communal baths can been on TV. Yes, and totally nude in the Uncut version. I liked 'The Truman Show' a lot, but this is too much.

This show has got enormous publicity among the youth here especially due to good looking girls in bikinis who have hot, steamy sessions with the guys of the house. The public can vote by SMS or phone calls to sent a housemate out of the house every weekend. The guy who was sent out last weekend, Michael, was seen massaging a girl, Gianna, who happened to be topless, with his manhood out of his pants. Disgusting !!. Michael's mom thought it was great to have her son on the show.

We have some complaints from the parents of kids who are glued to such shows on TV. Every other time, I hear voices and comments saying that the youth of Australia are being induced into sex, drugs and violence and that something should be done to save the future of this country. But, promoting more shows like this is definitely not serving the purpose.

The clincher - this is the third year that this show is being telecast, this year being the raunchiest ever.

Dr Death

Dr Death a.k.a. Jayant Patel. This person is a Indian trained doctor who is wanted for the medical related deaths of 87 people at a Queensland hopsital. I do not know whether this constitutes the highest number of deaths by a doctor anywhere in the world. Prior to turning up in Australia, Jayant was apparently booted out of USA for similar errors while practicising medicine there.

The fact that he is an Indian trained doctor makes issues even worse. I have held this belief for sometime now that the reason why Indians are not allowed to progress well abroad, to a certain extent, maybe linked to another Indian up the ladder. Jayant's case may actually turn out be a harbinger for people's ire towards Indian doctors here. I do not have an exact count of how many are here, but I personally know three of them practising at big hospitals here. One of them is my close childhood friend. I have not had a chance to speak to him about this particular aspect, but I am sure he already has his doubts over this issue.

From now on, you can qualified to a great extent in your specialty, be it, Anatomy, Surgery, Paediatrics ... the general public here are going to be wary of approaching a doctor who is Indian but has spent most of life studying and practising here.

I don't mean to be a Sabeer Bhatia and make my own name in another country, the least I can do is not bungle up the efforts or prospects of my fellow country men here.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

I don't know why my links that were supposed to be displayed in the right hand side are by some means turning up below the posts. Have checked up the settings in Blogger, no luck. Hope it goes away by itself.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Convicted Part II

Close to the heels of Schapelle Corby being convicted for allegedly carrying marijuana into Indonesia, we have this news of this Australian male of Vietnamese origin Tony Tran being jailed for the same 20 years for carrying 200g of heroin into Vietnam. Schapelle on the other hand had 4.1 kg of marijuana (I know I made a mistake in the earlier post by mentioning 4.2 kg).
After the Schapelle verdict was read out, a newsreader on Channel Nine asked a top barrister in Melbourne as to why Schapelle's case was generating such interest - the reply was 'A young, beautiful Australian girl of 27 yrs'. It still remains to be seen whether Tony's case will also generate the same level of interest or emotion among Australians. Right now, tough to say.
The Indonesian embassy in Canberra has been the target of racial slurs and the embassy was sent a letter with a suspicious looking white powder in it. The powder has been proven to be harmless, but it was enough to keep all the 48 staff of the embassy in quarantine for more than a day. The embassy in Perth was also subject to such attacks. The general understanding of the public is that Schapelle did not commit such a big crime for getting 20 yrs in the slammer. Carrying grass a.k.a marijuana does not count for being such a big offence. Everyone uses pot, just like everyone starting to have sex at some stage in their lives.
Some of the public have put up posters about their intention to boycott Bali for tourism and also about recalling some of the Tsunami Aid provided to Indonesia from Australia. We all know that Australia was the biggest contributer to the Aid totalling nearly A$ 1 billion. The question is whether a nation can demand total immunity from punishment for crimes being committed by its nationals in other countries because you have provided aid ? There are already nine Australian citizens in prison in Vietnam facing drug charges, with two of them facing the death penalty.
Keep a watch on the news as it develops here.