Monday, August 08, 2005

Misinformation from Maalai Murasu

This happened nearly three years back, when Maalai Murasu reported that the Branch Manager of SBI in our locality had committed suicide in the branch premises.
Why am I writing about this, because the BM happened to be my father !!
The fact of the matter was that a colleague of my father took the ultimate step and ours being a small locality with SBI being the biggest bank, it attracted quite a huge gathering the next morning. My father was very busy with the police officials and the bank staff in organising the investigation of the death, and did not get home until late that afternoon, it was a Sunday.
Later in the evening, he went out with my mother and while coming back, he remained in our car while she went to get some stuff from the local shop. The shopkeepers were very considerate towards my mother, asking her how she was, how I was. My mother was really surprised that she was getting such treatment, and then when my father came along from the car, everyone at the shop was flabbergasted.
Enna saar, enna aachu ? Yaaru suicide panni kittaanga ?
What had happened was that the paper had reported that Branch Manager had committed suicide, whereas it was the Asst BM who had done it. I was with my father when the body was discovered on the previous evening, and believe me, it was a ghastly sight. I will not forget that scene forever. They showed the body the next afternoon on the local Tamil channel, we found it hard to believe that it was the same person who we had interacted in flesh just 36 hrs back.
All the same, my father became a hero of the locality for sometime after that, and the branch got star status all for the wrong reasons.

British Comedy and something else

Who reads what in the UK ? Is it true that media around the world pander to their readers tastes ?
Prime Minister James Hacker's take on the British national newspapers ...
Daily Mirror - Read by people who think that they run the country.
Guardian - Read by people who think that they ought to run the country.
Times - Read by people who actually do run the country.
Daily Mail - Read by wives of those who do run the country.
(Remember at the time when Yes Prime Minister was being screened in UK, the Government predominantly had more males in the service compared to females)
Financial Times - Read by those who actually OWN the country.
Morning Star - Read by those who think UK should be run by another country.
Daily Telegraph - Read by those who actually THINK that UK is run by another country.
After watching this dialogue between the Hacker and Cabinet Permanent Secy Sir Humphrey Appleby, it makes me wonder who reads what in India ? Readers, please participate !!
As far as I know, The Hindu is predominantly read by the brahmins of South India who cannot while away their time without completing the crossword, or of late, Sudoku. A strong morning coffee with The Hindu used to be the daily regimen for my grandfather. In those days, I used to wonder what was so engrossing in that paper from the first page to the last ? As days progressed, I fell to the charms of The Hindu as well also becoming quite a coffee drinker.
Daily Thanthi (Dinathanthi) - I only read that in barber shops, where juicy details of the latest gossip in the cine industry were available.
Something quite beside the title of the post .....
There used to be a time when my bedroom used to be filled with posters from The Sportstar (it used to be available for Rs. 4), last heard, it was Rs 10. Another magazine worth reading in my humble opinion is The Frontline. Judging from all this, you might me thinking that M/s Kasthuri and Sons have given truckloads of cash to write this piece, I wish. My father will allow me to read only these, improving my English being the main aim, eventhough there were times he got extremely angry when I used to run behind Sportstar, if its a Steffi Graf, Stefan Edberg or Gabriela Sabatini poster on sale.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Rain Rain go Away

It has been raining cats and dogs in Melbourne since yesterday evening.  Melbourne has got the distinction of being the city of all seasons in one day.  It took me forty minutes to get into work today, a journey that usually takes only 25 mins by train and tram.  The train services did not have any problem, that was unusual as the Frankston line trains have the history of not running during heavy rains.  I have seen double cancellations happen on this train line.  Today the train was on time, but the tram took 30 mins to reach the Domain Interchange tram stop from the South Yarra station.  All because of traffic delays due to the incessant rain. 
As an evidence of the changing weather of Melbourne, I started writing this post, around 15 mins back.  At that time, I was not able to see the West Gate freeway bridge totally, nearly invisible.  Looking out of the window now, it looks like a crystal clear morning with a no sign of a cloud in the horizon, I can even count the cars on the freeway bridge.  Thats how fast the climate changes in Melbourne. 
Self memo - buy an umbrella and don't give it away to visitors, who never bother to return it.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Looooong Break

Sorry for doing the disappearing act for nearly two weeks.  My life has been very hard, emotional, extremely busy and all of these had made me sick as well.  I took couple of days off from work, my first time in the last ten months.  In the midst of all this I had to complete the FSRA compliance tests, I have completed them with high distinction, even without understanding some of it.  At times I feel like running away from everything, no human contact, just like Tom Hanks in Castaway.  Ah, self memo, have to buy that DVD as well.  At this point, all of you must have decided that I am going cranky, I am indeed.  And to top it all, I did not have a monitor for my computer for a week or so.  I was not even able to check mails and read my fav blogs. 
I read somewhere that when an individual gets depressed for some reason, most common escape routes are drinking and spending on items.  I guess I possess to the latter addiction, have bought some DVDs, JFK starring Kevin Costner and directed by Oliver Stone, Yes Prime Minister Series 2 and some books as well - Deception Point by Dan Brown and Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck.  I have not started reading Grapes of Wrath, but am nearly done with Deception Point.  First thoughts about that book, not a page turner like da Vinci Code.  If any of you have high expectations about Dan B after da Vinci, Deception Point is not the one to read, better go for Angels and Demons.  Angels has got the same level of mystery with a scientific twist to it. 
As a result of overspending, I have left my credit cards and debit cards at home and walk around with max $5 in my wallet.  Self imposed expenditure containment procedure.  I am getting tired of Melbourne and probably will visit Sydney in the near future.   Right now, work is getting busier than ever and cannot do anything to avoid it. :-(