Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Sad post

This post is dedicated to my neighbour at Coimbatore Mr Lakshmanan who passed away on Sunday afternoon after a sudden illness.

I cannot help but remember with tears the cheerful man who saw me as more than his son during the course of ten years since 1994 till last Sunday. Every weekend he will check the zodiac of my sign before checking everyone's else, including his own sons. He was the man who when I was leaving for Australia, hugged me in front of my our home, without any shame, "I will miss you, I dont know what I will do without you !". He knows everyone of my friends - Prabukarthik, Mahadevan and so many else. Everytime he and auntie went to some temple, they have never returned without making a puja for me, he knew my details by heart. A man who did not have any bad habits, was quite fit for his age, he was around 64 +, if I am not sure. Whenever he was cutting down tender coconuts from the trees in his house, he always made sure, I got my share as well. Life after this will never be the same in that street.

I have never been affected by a person's passing away until now, before Mr Lakshmanan. We will not get in contact with human beings like him every now and then.

I am only disheartened that I was not there when this happened. No more Engineer uncle for me and everyone else. I will miss you...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Learners Permit

I have got the Learners Permit for driving car from Vicroads, the transport and roads authority for Victoria. I had to take a computer test, TOEFL alike, for the permit. The questions are based from a question bank of 320 questions. Similar to the one in India, where the driving school instructor provides the list of all questions that might be asked by the license inspector. The only thing here, is that you have to practise the questions and take the test. I had to work with it for nearly two weeks before I can take the test. The score to pass is 78% and I managed to score 86%, not bad for a two week effort. Couple of guys who took the test with me yesterday, actually failed the test.

The problem with failing the test, is that you have to pay $28.30 for everytime you want to take the test. If you want to get the Learner's permit as an identification card it would cost a further $17.80. Now, that I have got this card, I dont have to carry my passport everytime I want to show some ID. Thats a relief.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Broadband up and running

At last, the Dodo broadband service is ready from today morning and it is going well. This is after three weeks after the first application, nearly ten calls to them between then and today and this the result. My argument was that if, they were not able to provide the service, they should be able to refund the money that I spent for purchasing the modem, which they were not ready to...

Anyway, it is up and running, and the first thing that I did, was to update my Norton Antivirus virus definition files. And it was a good speed too.. And, downloaded a couple of Crazy Mohan dramas, without that, nothing is complete.
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Monday, October 17, 2005

Mastercard fraud

Your two famous minutes on TV are up along with your Mastercard number if you were careless enough to show it on TV. Like what happened to Latesha Vinette, showing her Mastercard debit card in this news link.

Tagged !!!

My list of Seven Things after being tagged by Mona ...

Seven Things I want to do before I die :

1. Live life fully.
2. Be capable of changing the life of atleast one person.
3. Travel as much as I can.
4. Become a better photographer.
5. Hope that in the future if someone says my name, it brings laughter and joy.
6. Reserved for future use.
7. Reserved for future use.

Seven Things that I can do :

1. Cook, something that is palatable atleast to me.
2. Keep trying for a goal until I get that.
3. Read current affairs endlessly.
4. Keep watching Mani Rathnam movies for countless times.
5. Keep thinking about my school days and college days.
6. Listen to S V Sheker and 'Crazy' Mohan dramas continuously.
7. Reserved for future use.

Seven Things I say the most :

1. Damn
2. Thats alright.
3. Hows it going ?
4. Hello (that is part of my work script)
5. How are you doing ?
6. Maapillai.
7. Reserved for future use.

Seven Things I can't do :

1. Stay awake after a heavy meal.
2. Persist to a exercise regimen.
3. Watch animation movies.
4. Listen to songs of newer bands.
5. Keep my concentration on one thing at a time, I find it very hard.
6. Read non fiction books with the same conviction as I read fiction books.
7. Reserved for future use.

Seven Things that attracts to the opposite sex :

1. Intelligence.
2. Individuality.
3. Broad mindedness.
4. Respect to tradition and elders.
5. Reserved for future use.
6. Reserved for future use.
7. Reserved for future use.

Seven celebrities that I like:

1. Shobana.
2. Jennifer Aniston.
3. Pierce Brosnan (I know he is a guy, but the man oozes charisma)
4. Rani Mukherjee.
5. Tabu.
6. Kajol.
7. Priety Zinta.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Another episode from memory

This is a funny prank, sometime around the second year of B.Sc at Coimbatore Institute of Technology. I and some of my friends were in a for a night session of combined studying for the semester exam, when we were watching the late night music on Sun TV, one of my friends, Vivek, who hit upon an idea to call random people from the telephone directory about a fictititious contest on the channel.

So there we were calling up people to tell them, that we were calling them up for a pretrial so that on Tamil New Year's day, Pepsi Uma will talk to them, by calling them up. We had quite a few enthusiastic people talking to us at 1 AM dedicating songs to their girlfriends, singing in praise of their wives etc.. One person even sang like SPB for "Kaathalin Deepam Ondru" !! Needless to say, we had lots of fun, did not study in the end.

I just hope none of the people that we called that day, read this story.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Long lost memory

My team members had a quiz going on to find out how much we know about each other as there were some newies in the team, sort of to break the ice... Each of us had to write something for the quiz as a question, a weird situation in our past lives, a food combo that is unusual that we like and so on.

I remembered this incident when I was in the 9th standard and studying for the science exam the next day. It was a holiday the previous day and I was naturally out playing and jumping around with the senior guys who had completed their exams. I was tired, ready to hit the sack, when my father was advising me to study well and do well and what not.. I sat up on my bed, with the open book, and pretended to memorise the lines in the book, with my eyes closed. I heard him coming in and thinking that I have got all covered, continued to sit in this meditative posture. My meditative posture is always horizontal and mostly on a bed, you don't what relief it provides especially after a Sunday afternoon meal. Well, my dad came in, took one look at me and said "Thookam vanthaa poi thoongu, athukka nee enna Einstein a science book thalai keezha vechu padikka ?"

Need I say more, after that, he stopped asking me to study. Because I proved that I can study upside down and score the same marks as I would do otherwise which is always around 70, nothing more, maybe less.

Day after tomorrow, it will be one year since I got the Permanent residentship in Australia. Seems like yesterday, when I received the letter from the Immigration department.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Onset of Weekend

The weekend is just around the corner, well, it is here, and I always maintain that people in Melbourne sort of try to let their hair down during the late hours of Friday, Saturday and for the brave few, Sunday as well. They can do various things, go to parties, stay up late, get involved with someone in a relationship, get out of a relationship, be single, go away somewhere mindlessly, meet your fiance's parents, go clubbing (!!), get invited for a rock concert in the corporate box, fight with customer service of your ISP, get punched in the face while travelling in the tram and lots more - it is as if people work 4.5 days just for the weekend to come. And not to say of a long weekend, thats what the state of NSW had last weekend because of Labour Day. We Melburnians were not so lucky, had to work. Long weekends for most is one extra long drinking binge, starting on Friday evening and continuing till Monday afternoon by which that person is knocked down senseless.

BTW, someone did get invited to the corporate box of Rod Laver arena this weekend for a rock concert - ME. I dont know what I am going to do there, listen to music, obviously, and then... No idea. Fighting with customer service - that is also me, no end result to that. I could complain to the Telecommunications Ombudsman, well - I know how that is going to turn out.

Talking about long weekends, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, if they fall on weekends, we get extra holidays in the course of the next week, so to compensate. I remember, Gandhi Jayanthi for this year was on a Sunday. I am not complaining about the extra holidays that people get here, just that sometimes, we have nothing else to do, especially, if you hate gaalivanting around town with unknown people at late hours.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Broadband woes

I had applied for the Broadband service from Dodo Internet nearly ten days back, and was promised a callback about the successfull connection message in the next seven days. Seven days out, on the tenth day today, I called up the Dodo customer service only to be informed that the broadband connection has been put on hold as there are no free ports (whatever that means) in my local exchange. So Dodo has passed the baton to Telstra, and are waiting for T to come with free ports. The issue will be escalated to Telstra only at the end of the 21 day period, after which there are no guarantees on whether the service will be provided or not.

The customer service person refused to send the escalation right now to Telstra, even though he believed that the connection will not come through. But wonder of wonders, Dodo has already charged my credit card for $49.90, without providing a single byte. When I mentioned this to the customer service he casually replied that the money will be refunded automatically. I only hope that happens.

Sometimes it benefits not to live in a technologically advanced country !!!