Friday, October 14, 2005

Another episode from memory

This is a funny prank, sometime around the second year of B.Sc at Coimbatore Institute of Technology. I and some of my friends were in a for a night session of combined studying for the semester exam, when we were watching the late night music on Sun TV, one of my friends, Vivek, who hit upon an idea to call random people from the telephone directory about a fictititious contest on the channel.

So there we were calling up people to tell them, that we were calling them up for a pretrial so that on Tamil New Year's day, Pepsi Uma will talk to them, by calling them up. We had quite a few enthusiastic people talking to us at 1 AM dedicating songs to their girlfriends, singing in praise of their wives etc.. One person even sang like SPB for "Kaathalin Deepam Ondru" !! Needless to say, we had lots of fun, did not study in the end.

I just hope none of the people that we called that day, read this story.


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