Sunday, October 23, 2005

Learners Permit

I have got the Learners Permit for driving car from Vicroads, the transport and roads authority for Victoria. I had to take a computer test, TOEFL alike, for the permit. The questions are based from a question bank of 320 questions. Similar to the one in India, where the driving school instructor provides the list of all questions that might be asked by the license inspector. The only thing here, is that you have to practise the questions and take the test. I had to work with it for nearly two weeks before I can take the test. The score to pass is 78% and I managed to score 86%, not bad for a two week effort. Couple of guys who took the test with me yesterday, actually failed the test.

The problem with failing the test, is that you have to pay $28.30 for everytime you want to take the test. If you want to get the Learner's permit as an identification card it would cost a further $17.80. Now, that I have got this card, I dont have to carry my passport everytime I want to show some ID. Thats a relief.


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