Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Long lost memory

My team members had a quiz going on to find out how much we know about each other as there were some newies in the team, sort of to break the ice... Each of us had to write something for the quiz as a question, a weird situation in our past lives, a food combo that is unusual that we like and so on.

I remembered this incident when I was in the 9th standard and studying for the science exam the next day. It was a holiday the previous day and I was naturally out playing and jumping around with the senior guys who had completed their exams. I was tired, ready to hit the sack, when my father was advising me to study well and do well and what not.. I sat up on my bed, with the open book, and pretended to memorise the lines in the book, with my eyes closed. I heard him coming in and thinking that I have got all covered, continued to sit in this meditative posture. My meditative posture is always horizontal and mostly on a bed, you don't what relief it provides especially after a Sunday afternoon meal. Well, my dad came in, took one look at me and said "Thookam vanthaa poi thoongu, athukka nee enna Einstein a science book thalai keezha vechu padikka ?"

Need I say more, after that, he stopped asking me to study. Because I proved that I can study upside down and score the same marks as I would do otherwise which is always around 70, nothing more, maybe less.

Day after tomorrow, it will be one year since I got the Permanent residentship in Australia. Seems like yesterday, when I received the letter from the Immigration department.


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