Monday, November 14, 2005

New blog

Folks, I am moving...

Moving to, @, something with a name akin to the blog's name, rather than vdeepakis. Anyway, please update your bookmarks and continue to visit ...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mental block & Officeworks

I have been through certain things in my life which have taken my focus away from blogging for sometime now, am facing a blogger block, thankful to know that I am not alone - Chakra feels the same too.

This incident yesterday at the Officeworks store at Elsternwick was so interesting that I cannot help not posting about it. I had bought the laptop at this store on Sep 11 (!!!), 2005 and have the invoice for the purchase and everything, with a small hitch. Now, I have a method of salary sacrifice at ANZ which helps me get back the GST of 10% and some more money on top of it, basically, the money that I spent on the laptop ($1399) is non taxable. The invoice has to have my name on it to prove to the payroll dept that I bought it, which is fair enough. The hitch was that the original invoice did not have my name, because as of the day of purchase I was not aware of this particular tax claim. I went back to the store and asked for the name to be amended, which I thought was a small thing that they do on their billing records, but not so. The counter person was not helpful at all, and then I had to ask for the Manager who came along and said the same thing ... We cannot do it, we dont have a procedure to do it, we cannot back date anything.

Everything changed when I told the Manager that I have already spoken by phone to their colleague the day before and mentioned her name as well, she was not there. I also pointed that she promised that this was an every day affair that they go through, and it is very easy to be amended, only that I visit them during the office hours, which I did. Those magic words did the trick and within the next two mins in front of my eyes, they reissued the invoice with my name and address on it.

They knew how to do it, where do it, the works but somehow decline everything when asked for the first time. Moral of the story, jot down the names of the store people you speak with on the phone or if you meet them at the store. It was a mini triumph for me ...